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New media lab to open soon

Petey Dyer
A sign advertising SDSU’s new media lab in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.

A new media studio in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union will offer a non-academic, innovative space for students when it’s operational in late April.

The studio will provide professional equipment and guidance for all students and projects, including, but not limited to, audio recording, green screen filming, professional headshots and photo editing. According to Associated Students, the 514 square-foot space will include:

  • A reservable audio and/or video recording studio
  • A green screen
  • A control station with remote monitoring
  • A soundproof room
  • Three reservable content editing stations for video, audio and graphics

“It’s a place for students to be creative and use the space for what they want it to be,” Stephanie Dathe, director of the student union, said. “We have in mind ways they can use the space, but sky’s the limit in what students want to do.”

Dathe said several concepts were made to fill what was the last vacant space in the student union. None exactly fit for students until former A.S. president Jonathan Cole and the Aztec Music Group brought forward the concept of a non-academic media studio in 2015, she said.

Although the studio provides professional equipment and software, A.S. Vice President of External Relations Carmel Alon said the space is accessible to all students at any level. The studio will host any type of project students desire, including headshots, video applications, resumes and band recording.

“Students don’t have to be in a certain major or experts on how it works,” Alon said. “The whole point is that students can learn more on something they’re passionate about or have some interest in.”

Kyle Zive, assistant director of operations for the student union, said the studio will be composed of two seperate rooms for recording and editing. A 65-inch touch screen television will control both spaces, along with an 80-inch monitor for green screen filming, he said.

Zive said A.S. plans to use the studio to hold events like film festivals for students. He said the staff plans to bring people from the community and campus with expertise and background to do seminars for students.

“Right now we are still installing all the hardware. We are bringing the staff on board at the end of the month for training.” Zive said  “We are going to do practice projects towards the end of March and plan for a grand opening mid-April”

The studio will be run by students and allow for more opportunity for on campus jobs, Alon said.

“It’s wonderful to see that a student union with so many different aspects are taking in student input and figuring out what they really need,” Alon said. “Everything we do is in hopes we are benefitting students, allowing them to have more opportunities to try different things.”

The media studio will be located on the first floor of the student union, adjacent to the pedestrian bridge.

For additional information and updates, visit the A.S. website.

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New media lab to open soon