A.S. update: Commission projects and upcoming events


Samantha Bonpensiero

Members of the A.S. University Council at a September meeting.

by Amber Nelson, Staff Writer

The Associated Students Campus Life Council met on Feb. 28 for its biweekly council meeting to discuss each organization’s upcoming projects for the semester.

Community Service Commission

Representative Beck Svensson said CSC will be hosting a community service fair on March 13 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Centennial Walkway. He said SDSU service organizations and outside organizations will be attending to promote their organization and find service opportunities.

CSC Commissioner Nick Wohlman said there will be 25 non-profit organizations at the event, as well as 5 recognized student organizations, including CSC, Rotaract and Alpha Phi Omega.

Green Love

Sustainability Commissioner Charlotte Roberts and Representative Sabrina Laut announced Green Love will be hosting a Thrift Shop/Swap event sometime this semester.

Roberts said the Thrift Shop/Swap event will address waste in the fashion industry and will advocate for sharing and trading clothes, rather than purchasing new clothes.

“We’re trying to teach people the idea of sharing and swapping… and being comfortable with the idea of using something that was used by someone else,” she said. “We’re trying to make it more that you’re wearing something that has a story rather than something that’s dirty.”

Student Support Commission

Commissioner Dustin Adkins and Representative Noah Winne said SSC will be hosting an event for students to meet their student ombudsman, Julie Logan, on March 22.

Winne explained that an ombudsman is someone students can voice their concerns about faculty, staff, or the administration to. He said the purpose of the event is the educate students on what an ombudsman is and to introduce them to Logan. He said Logan is excited to meet and get to know more students.

The Recreation and Wellness, Student Diversity and Student-at-Large Committees did not present their reports due to lack of time. These committees will present their reports at the next council meeting on March 14.