A.S. vice president of university affairs candidate Anya Shutovska

by Camille Dejoras, Staff Writer

Name: Anya Shutovska

Position: vice president of university affairs

Year: junior

Major: business

Why do you want to run for vice president of university affairs?

Education has always been something that’s really important to me, and this position deals with the educational aspect of SDSU. It felt natural for me to go for this position. I immigrated here (from Ukraine) with my mom, and I didn’t really have any family here or any kind of connections who could help me out.  I always knew going to college was my path to success and it’s what’s going to get me to where I want to go. It’s really been a priority in my life, so when I got to SDSU I focused hard on my academics. I also work in College of Business as an advisor, and I help a lot of students with their classes and being on track to graduate on time. I’ve heard a lot of students’ concerns and problems when it comes to their classes, so I’ve been around that for a while and it’s made me realize there is a lot of improvement to be made. That’s something I’m really passionate about, and I hope that I can be the person who can make those changes.

What makes you qualified for this position?

Working in the business advising center is definitely good experience, because I do get to hear students’ perspective on a daily basis. I’ve also been in A.S. since my first semester on campus, and I started in our First Year Leadership Experience (FLEX) program. Last year I served as the Community Service Commission representative, so through that I learned a lot about how A.S. works and the things we’re able to accomplish.

What would you like to change at SDSU?

I would like to change the student interactions with administration. I feel like when people, even myself, think of administration, they picture people in their offices and you don’t really know exactly what they do and what their jobs are. I think a lot of miscommunication stems from that.

What would you like to stay the same at SDSU?

I love how proud everyone at SDSU is to go here. When I was picking colleges that was one of my main requirements. I wanted the students, staff and faculty to be proud to wear SDSU gear. I have really seen that since I’ve been here and that’s what’s made me so passionate to go here. You see so many alumni helping current students get involved, get jobs, and get internships through programs like the Aztec Mentor Program. I think it’s amazing, and I hope to continue that and hope to make it even stronger in the future.

Interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.