San Diego Democrats endorse SDSU West


Courtesy of Carrier Johnson & Culture

by David Santillan, Assistant News Editor

The San Diego County Democratic Party has joined the list of groups endorsing the SDSU West ballot initiative.

The group backing the initiative, Friends of SDSU, sent out a press release on Aug. 30 stating that a majority of the SDDP members voted to endorse Measure G and voted against Measure E, the SoccerCity initiative.

“The San Diego County Democratic Party’s endorsement of Measure G is a testament to the value of investing in higher education in our region by supporting the expansion of San Diego State University through an open and transparent process,” San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry said in the press release issued by SDSU West. “Creating the opportunity to educate more students in our region by approving Measure G in November is one of greatest accomplishments our City can achieve.”

The endorsement announcement for SDSU West comes after a summer during which the legality of both the SDSU West and SoccerCity initiatives were put into question by San Diego’s city attorney.

City Attorney Mara Elliott attempted to appeal an earlier ruling that had affirmed the legality of both measures, which are aiming to redevelop the Mission Valley site where the former Qualcomm sits.

“The Soccer City and SDSU West initiatives essentially force the lease or sale of City assets

on terms set by the proponents,” Elliott said in a statement. “By filing writs with the Fourth District Court of Appeal, the City seeks clarity on whether this unprecedented use of the initiative process is legal.”

On Aug. 6, the appellate court decided to deny the petition, citing a 2006 case titled Costa v. Superior Court case as its basis and thus allowing both measures to continue forward and receive endorsements.

Both measures would drastically change the current site of the aging SDCCU Stadium.

SDSU West’s proposed plans call for building a new 35,000-seat football stadium and additional academic space, expanding the university campus.

“We’re proud to have an unprecedented coalition of diverse voices all supporting Measure G, the SDSU West initiative,” said Measure G spokesperson Katy Temple in a statement regarding the growing support they’ve received. “This widespread support shows that San Diegans agree that Measure G is the only initiative that will create the opportunity to grow San Diego State University through an open and transparent process that will benefit our regional economy for generations to come.”

SoccerCity’s plan calls for a smaller stadium that would host a professional soccer team and include new retail space.

“SoccerCity’s entire focus has been on creating something San Diegans would embrace — a transformation of the crumbling Mission Valley stadium site into something for everyone,” SoccerCity project manager Nick Stone said in an email statement.

A little more than two months remain until the Nov. 6 election when San Diegans will take to the polls to decide which measure will redevelop Mission Valley.