America has a severe gun problem right now

by Sydney Karlos, Contributor

This year alone there has been 10 major school shootings, each involving multiple fatalities. Think about this for a second.

We are nine months into 2018 already, and already, ten different times, a man has brought a weapon into a school with the intent to hurt somebody. Kids go to school expecting to be safe and end up being shot dead. Schools are supposed to be safe spaces, not a place where a student watch their classmate die in front of them.

This continues to happen because certain groups of people think that their right to own a gun is more important than a child’s life.

I mean, what regular person needs an AR-15 to “protect” themselves? I have trouble understanding why anyone would need to own a semi-automatic rifle at all.

These groups of people who believe that owning a gun is some divine right just seem absolutely insane to me.  Not to mention how corrupt the National Rifle Association, the NRA is a, “recreational group designed to promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” Notice how this definition says scientific basis. I would love to hear a NRA supporter explain their “scientific” explanation for why they own an AR-15. Slowly, but surely, the NRA moved into political lobbying which makes it obvious that even our politicians don’t care about our children. In fact, most of our politicians accept money from the NRA and the NRA frequently supports these men in their campaigns.

Senator Ted Cruz has received $11,900 and Senator Mark Rubio has accepted $4,950 from the NRA, and the NRA also spent $1 million dollars supporting his campaign for re-election.

These disturbing facts are the reason why policies aren’t changing. According to BBC, the NRA is, “now among the most powerful special interest lobby groups in the US, with a substantial budget to influence members of Congress on gun policy.”  It is obvious that groups like the NRA are negatively influencing our politics, and current people in power only care about personal gain, not about the fact that our children are being murdered in environments where they are supposed to be safe and protected.

It seems as though America does not know what to do about our obvious gun problem. With a country split in half ideologically, it is hard to come to an agreement. In fact, our very own president tweeted, “Armed Educators love our students and will protect them.”

How is this going to fix our gun problem by adding more guns to the equation? What would happen if a teacher went crazy while armed with a gun? Could we say that the government aided in killing our children since they provided the teacher with a gun? These machines shouldn’t be anywhere near a school campus.

On the other hand, where would our government get any of the money to provide and train our teachers with guns? Some teachers can barely afford basic supplies such as pen and papers. Also, how would an armed teacher stop a shooter when sometimes a trained law enforcement officer can’t? Anyone who wholeheartedly believes that giving teachers guns is going to solve the problem of gun violence in this country problem is willfully ignoring the facts.

We need to protect our children because they are the future of this country. No parent wants to drop their kid off at school and never see them again. No parent wants to worry about whether or not their child is going to come home from school.