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The sophomore housing application process, explained

Bella Ross

As the Sophomore Success Initiative, which requires all non-local sophomores to live on campus, is set to begin its first year of full implementation, there are many different housing options open to students.

According to the San Diego State housing website, the process of selecting rooms started on Jan. 28. Students, so far, have had the chance to choose their roommates and the length of their license agreements. As for the order of selecting rooms, students are given selection times at random through a lottery system.

Students who graduated from public high schools that are south of state highway 56 in San Diego County and Imperial County aren’t required to live on campus for sophomore year, according to housing officials.

“It is assigned randomly,” Director of Housing Administration Cynthia Cervantes said. “Everyone has equal chances to anything. Obviously, as the days progress, spaces will be quickly taken by students selecting them.”

Cervantes recommended students be aware of alternative housing options as space availability is not a guarantee at this time.

We always tell students that it is important to look at the first option that they prefer but also to have a plan B and a plan C,” Cervantes said. “So that if their first option is not any longer available, they can quickly decide on the next choice.”

With this process being in its first year, some students have voiced difficulties in being able to get in contact with housing representatives.

“I don’t think there is anything to change with the housing portal,” graphic design freshman Emily Burgess said. “But, I do wish there was a help button on the website, because there is definitely a lack of communication.”

As for the housing options available to sophomores, the university currently offers housing accommodations in eight different complexes at different price points, according to the housing website.

Granada, Aztec Corner and Montage on College are the only housing complexes that offer an 11-and-half-month lease agreement.

To live in Granada with no meal plan, a double room will cost $12,734 and a single will cost $15,254 for the entire length of the lease. Aztec Corner, which was previously an independent complex that has recently been acquired by SDSU for sophomore housing, offers only double rooms at a cost of $13,094 with no meal plan. Double rooms in Montage on College will cost $13,354 per person or $16,004 for a single, both with no meal plan.

Cuicacalli, Piedra Del Sol, Villa Alvarado, South Campus Plaza Suites and what SDSU is referring to the “Tec” Apartments — all of the apartment complexes on the north end of 55th Street — are only available for a nine-month lease agreement. To live in the Tec apartments or in an unrenovated apartment in Villa Alvarado, triple rooms will cost $8,149 per person, doubles will cost $9,341 and singles will cost $11,165 with no meal plan. To live in Cuicacalli, Piedra del Sol, South Campus Plaza or a renovated room in Villa Alvarado, a space in a triple room will cost $9,269, a double room will cost $10,581 and a single will run at $12,621 with no meal plan.

Cervantes said it is unknown to the housing office which apartment complex will fill up first, as it tends to vary by year.

Burgess said one of the biggest benefits to living on campus includes the increased opportunities for students to be a part of a wider community and meet new people, .

“I do appreciate the experience of living on campus and make friends who I see every day,” Burgess said.  

Students with questions about the housing process can call the Office of Housing Administration at (619) 594-5742 or send an email to

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The sophomore housing application process, explained