Sinkhole on east end of campus prompts partial closure of Aztec Circle Drive


Kaitlyn Little

A sinkhole found on Tuesday night has prompted the closure of some parts of Aztec Circle Drive.

by Kaitlyn Little, Senior Staff Writer

A sinkhole was discovered Tuesday night near a stop sign in front of Facilities Services along Aztec Circle Drive.

According to official San Diego State social media accounts, university police have confirmed the presence of a 2-foot-deep, 12-inch-wide sinkhole.

Parking and Transportation Services officer Fernando Hernandez said officials were trying to stop traffic and large vehicles along Aztec Circle Drive but were continuing to allow pedestrian traffic. The area closed is subject to change.

Officials said they’re currently unsure of when the road will be reopened. Photo by Kaitlyn Little.

Michael Gogue, another parking officer, said the three-way stop near the Facilities and Art buildings is closed, limiting traffic in both directions along Aztec Circle Drive. A company has been contacted repair the hole.

It wasn’t yet known how long the roads will be closed or whether they university anticipates the sinkhole will grow in size.