Student musician showcases collaboration during Nooner performance


Pette Villanueva

Interdisciplinary studies senior and musician Goz performed on campus on April 26.

by Stephan Early, Staff Writer

Student musician and interdisciplinary studies senior Goz performed in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union on April 26 to bring students a show full of infectious beats, lyrics, and dance moves.

Goz, born Nnagozie Odeluga, is an active student who can be found networking in a wide variety of SDSU circles — outside of music, he also works at the Black Resource Center.

During his student union performance, part of San Diego State’s Nooner music series, he performed an hour’s worth of songs, stories and dances to entertain students and faculty.

“It’s a blending of the old school and the new school,” Goz said of his music. “You can still have hype beats and say something real.”

The show was a prime opportunity to highlight what the artist has been up to since his performance last year. Goz performed songs from his album “SZN1: Gameday,” the follow up to last year’s “Preszn.” From the rapid-fire delivery of songs such as “Heating Up” and “No Talk” to upbeat tracks like “Whoa” and “Ali,” the set was full of big bass and energy.  

“We’re stepping up and people are realizing that it’s serious,” Goz said. “The stuff that I foreshadowed in ‘Preszn’ is here now with ‘SZN1’ and it’s these type of joints that I can take anywhere for people to enjoy.”

Goz was not alone as he pushed to “wake people up to his music.” Guest performances by other SDSU artists such as Hakeem Saleem and Sister Eunice helped moved the show forward with stories about the songs and team members.

“We just try to stay humble and aware of the blessings that are yet to come,” interdisciplinary studies senior Alexis Groves, who performs as Sister Eunice, said.

His supporters cheered with loud yells and applause. Students walking by or getting a bite to eat were also able to sample the rapper and producer’s flavor of hip-hop music.

“It’s really cool to see him doing what he loves and showing up for our community,” kinesiology freshman Yasmine Shead said. “The highlight of the show was definitely the G-step, where we just come together and have a good time.”

Shead also said she is excited to see Goz grow his creative brand.

Performers who took the stage with Goz, including the DJ spinning the tracks, all contributed their unique energy and delivered passionate performances. There was a visible spirit of community and camaraderie that was apparent as each person came to perform their collaboration with Goz.     

“I appreciate this guy for giving us this opportunity to really throw out our art,” Saleem, a computer science senior, said.

Goz is working many other projects like the Creator’s Circle, a group where creatives in the arts from campus have a chance to meet and collaborate.

Goz’s music is available on iTunes and Spotify, and he’s also featured on the Aztec Music Group’s new release.