How to be successful as a freshman

by Ellyse Logan, Contributor

Another school year begins as the summer heat continues to burn us out. Oddly enough, I am excited for school to start and to hangout with the friends I made last year. 

I know most freshmen may not be feeling as confident or excited for this year, and I can relate  to that. I remember feeling a nervous excitement. I really had no idea what to expect walking on to campus. 

I can’t tell you exactly what to expect, but I can give you some tips about what you will need to survive your first week of freshman year. Don’t worry, after the first week everything gets easier and you start to get used to being a student at San Diego State University. 

The first thing needed  are headphones. Walking to class with your headphones in can help boost your mood and get you ready for the day ahead. Listening to your favorite music or podcast can make you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings and gives a feeling of  peace when you are surrounded by thousands of other people. 

The next item you need will not be something you can pick up at Target, but it’s way more valuable. It is an academic advisor of some sort. There are academic advisors everywhere on the campus, you just have to know where to find them. 

You can find walk in hours for general advising on the SDSU website. The Academic Advising Center usually has a lot of advisors at the beginning of the semester, but it is usually very busy so I would go to a niche advisor who is more accessible. Some better options are major advisors, the academic mentor on your floor or for those of you in EOP, go to the EOP advisors. 

The questions you have as a freshman are more general and most people  can answer them, so it is easier to be guided in the right direction. As you go on with your schooling, you will go to certain advisors that are usually recommended to you by the other advisors for specific needs you may have. 

Do not be afraid to ask for help. That’s why the school is equipped with so many advisors and people to help you, it does not have to be a difficult process if you just ask for help. 

Professors can also be a big help. They won’t help you figure out your schedule or financial aid, but talking to your professors about your classes and getting the specifics on what the class will be about will help with midterms and finals.

The next thing you will need is confidence.  That may seem cheesy or corny, but nothing will actually prepare you for this change so you just have to jump into it. 

If you have confidence, people will be attracted to you and you will make friends easily. If you are an introverted person, you may feel a bit more intimidated, but don’t worry because everyone is looking to find their way too. Say yes to a lot of things the first week and you will find the people you want to be around the more people you meet . 

The last thing you will need to survive your first week of college is some sort of relief on that Sunday night. Everyone will still be super friendly and trying to make friends, but reward yourself for getting through the week. 

Call one of your parents or a friend, or go out into nature or even do some skincare. Anything that makes you feel better which  could even be mindlessly watching Netflix all day on Sunday. Relieve yourself from all the social interaction you did during the week. 

Before my first year I was so anxious about college, but I used everything I stated above and it was better than anything I expected. You might have to eat lunch alone in the Garden or call your mom to make it seem like you’re busy but you will get through. 

Good luck, you can do it.

Ellyse Logan is a sophomore studying international business. Follow her on Twitter @ellyselogan.