SDSU administrators, A.S. officials dedicate renovated ENS field


Photo Courtesy Aztec Recreation

Members of San Diego State’s administration joined student leaders and Aztec Recreation staff to dedicate the renovated ENS 700 field.

by Oliver Schacht, Contributor

After completing a multi-million dollar renovation to ENS 700 over the past summer, San Diego State officials and Associated Students dedicated the field with a ribbon cutting on Oct. 3. 

The $5 million renovation added new turf and LED lighting to increase recreation time for students.

“It’s going to be an everyday place for students who are not in a team and just want to come and participate in recreation,” A.S. Vice President of University Affairs George Scott said. “They can do that past sunset too, with the new energy efficient light(ing), which don’t cause any light spillage to the buildings.”

The old field surface was replaced with a shock-absorbing turf to reduce injuries of students. Scott said he is very happy with the outcome of the $5 million project.

“Personally I’m over the moon,” Scott said. “It’s an absolutely fantastic project, which is 100% a complete success.”

Improved security by illuminating this central area, which serves as a walkway to parking structure 7 and the ARC for many students, was also highlighted by the speakers.

The new field can be used by students for multiple sports such as football, softball, rugby and soccer. 

University President Adela de la Torre pointed out the importance of recreational activities for SDSU students. 

“A lot of the stress that comes in your life needs to have a way to dissipate, and exercise really helps,” de la Torre said. “(The renovation) really was great to help our students have the opportunity to exercise, which is something that I deeply believe in, in order to have balance to your life”. 

She said the planning process was a good example of how all involved parties — A.S., the School of Music and Dance and SDSU staff — worked together in order to meet all needs.

Computer science junior Dominic Viola said he appreciates the new recreational opportunities. 

“I didn’t come here at all when it wasn’t renovated”, Viola said. “It looks more inviting now that they have the goals out.” 

He also sees an upgrade on the appearance of the school because of the proximity to the center of campus. 

“I think it looks better personally just because the field before was covered in a lot of dirt patches and was very uneven,” Viola said. “It makes the school a lot better looking.”

The ENS 700 renovations are the first step of the university’s efforts to provide additional recreation time and space for SDSU students. Soon the university will begin construction to expand the Aztec Recreation Center, and full expansion is estimated to be completed by Fall 2021.

“(The expansion) is just going to be almost doubling the amount of square footage space for students’ recreational opportunities inside the ARC,” Scott said. “There’s a lot of additional usage up there with new facilities.”

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