JuneShine starts quirky industry trend


Kelly Kerrigan

Booch Please

by Kelly Kerrigan, Senior Staff Writer

You can no longer go to a bar or grocery store in San Diego without finding hard kombucha on the shelves.

The distinct flavors and potent taste of kombucha masque the strong taste of alcohol that makes the consumption of the beverage easy and enjoyable. It is hard to deny the influence of the San Diego-based company JuneShine in the success and obsession with this drink locally.

JuneShine, a hard kombucha brand, was founded in 2018 by two University of San Diego graduates who combined their adoration for health and sustainability with kombucha. Since then, JuneShine has opened two breweries, located in North Park and Scripps Ranch, and has earned their spot in grocery stores and bars around the country.

CEOs Greg and Serrao and Forrest Dein explain on their website where they got the idea for hard kombucha.

“A year ago, we were wandering the aisles of our grocery store and noticed there was a sustainable, transparent option in nearly every consumer category–except alcohol,” the website said.

The beverage itself comes in a sustainable can that clearly lists all the ingredients, none of them being artificial or processed. The brand by people who share a passion for changing the world and the alcohol industry.

When walking into a JuneShine brewery in either North Park or Scripps Ranch, visitors can immediately sense the wholesomeness of the company. The cozy and trendy tasting room, designed by “Solstice Interiors,” is filled with calming colors, comfortable couches and exceptional decor.

The current flavors to try are Blood Orange Mint, Acai Berry, Midnight Painkiller and Honey Ginger Lemon. When drinking the kombucha, you can distinctly taste each special ingredient that makes drinking the alcohol incredibly enjoyable.

Although the brand’s main product is the alcoholic beverage, they prioritize the responsibility of taking care of the environment. The breweries make a point of only using glassware to reduce single-use plastic and the 6-pack now features cardboard packaging. The company is also aiming to plant as many trees as equivalent to the paper they use.

The breweries host many events with local San Diego companies like Surfer Mag and Van De Vort, ranging from philanthropy to social gatherings. Some past events include “JuneShine Plants Trees” and  “Barre & Booch.” It is not surprising how successful JuneShine has grown because the passion the company started from is obvious in every endeavor made by the team. Hard kombucha allows people to drink alcohol without worrying about what bad ingredients they might be consuming.

“JuneShine was born from our desire to enjoy tonight … and tomorrow,” the CEOs said on the website.

JuneShine has changed the alcohol industry and distilled the idea that you can drink and still feel good about yourself and the environment when doing so.