Police search for suspects of attempted robbery on campus, email says

by Katelynn Robinson, Staff Writer

An attempted robbery took place on campus Thursday morning around 9 a.m. on Hardy Avenue, according to a campus-wide email from university police.

“According to the victim and two separate witnesses, an unknown male wrapped his arms around the victim and tried to take a cell phone from the victim’s hands,” the timely warning email said. “The victim crouched down, used both hands to protect the cell phone, and began yelling.”

The victim described the first suspect as a “Black male adult, 6’ tall, average build, about 30 years old, shirtless, wearing dark-colored pants, basketball style sneakers, with short curly black hair, and short facial hair.”

The second suspect, who was seen driving the vehicle, was described as a female in her twenties wearing a gray or white shirt with her hair in a bun, according to the email.

The email said a witness intervened and pulled the male away from the victim. The male and a second suspect then reportedly fled the scene in a white sedan.

The second suspect was seen driving the white sedan while the first suspect entered the back of the vehicle. The vehicle was described as an older model with tinted windows and a number eight listed on the license plate.

The police are currently searching for the two suspects involved in the robbery. Anyone with information or questions may contact the university police by calling (619) 594-1991.