10 trends to bring out for fall fashion in San Diego

by Kelly Kerrigan, Senior Staff Writer

Fall weather is upon us. That means Halloween is coming, the leaves are changing and football season is here to stay. Around the country, people are pulling out their winter coats and snow boots, but here in San Diego people barely feel the effects of the seasons changing. However, that doesn’t mean San Diego residents don’t want to dress to fall’s latest trends, they just have to do it in moderation.


Doc Martens have made a comeback and while they tend to be pricey, the quality of the boots seems to make them eternal. Throw on the “Jaden” platforms with a pair of shorts and you’re set to go. The 60s style below-the-knee boots are one of the many trends that surfaced during New York Fashion Week. Adding boots to your favorite sundress is a perfect way to tie in falls trends with San Diego’s warm weather.

Mini Bags

Large purses are out, mini bags are in. These bags are just enough to inspire people to practice minimalism and only travel with the most necessary items. They’re charming, classy and sleek and can make any outfit look ready for the runway, even if that runway is Campanile Walkway.


Leather shorts, hats, jackets and pants are a staple for San Diegans fall wardrobe. Pleather, or “vegan leather,” is the way to go to ensure no animals are harmed in the making of the outfit. When the nights get cold, throwing on a leather jacket adds an edge to your look and keeps you warm.

Statement Hats

Bad hair day? No problem, hats are here to save the day. From berets to fedoras to beanies and do-rags, hats can be a staple for fall style here in San Diego.

 “Boyfriend” Style Denim

Loose jean shorts and pants mean no more unbuttoning your pants after eating too much In-N-Out. From BDG to Levi’s, you can find this style denim almost everywhere. Wearing this with a light sweater is a perfect autumn style.

Animal Prints

Over the past year, animal prints have lasted in the fashion world from spring through winter. Cheetah print could have been found anywhere last fall, but this fall the safari trend is ranging from zebra print to cow print and everything in between. Animal print is easy to incorporate into any outfit whether it’s a bag, boots or even a simple scrunchy.

Back to Black

Black is the new black. Using black to accessorize or prioritize an outfit is an easy way to partake in the spooky season. It’s slimming, easy and chic. 

Mixing Colors

Mixing two completely different colors in an outfit isn’t easy to do, but when done right it can make anyone look stylish. Try wearing lavender and red, yellow and pastel blue, pink and red or white and black to look like you just walked off the runway.

Biker Shorts

Contrary to the name, biker shorts do not require any physical activity when wearing them. They are comfortable and modern and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. They look the best with an oversized band shirt, a warm fuzzy sweater or a denim jacket.

Oversized Everything

This trend ensures maximum-9 comfort no matter what you are doing. Oversized tees, jackets and sweaters are easy and affordable and can promote sustainability by shopping for this style at Goodwill or other resale shops.

Kelly Kerrigan is a senior studying journalism.