Aztecs Rock Hunger has raised over 2.7 million pounds of food

by Natalie Wilson, Contributor

Since 2015, San Diego State has participated in an annual campaign known as Aztecs Rock Hunger.

Aztecs Rock Hunger is a campaign that raises money for food for the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank. The food bank helps fight food insecurity and serves over 370,000 San Diegans every month, according to the Aztec Rocks Hunger website.

Over a decade ago, the food bank created a competition between all San Diego universities called “College Rocks Hunger.” In 2015, SDSU received an overwhelming amount of support and decided to create its own campaign, which led to Aztecs Rock Hunger.

International security and conflict resolution senior Angie Espinoza is part of the leadership team in Aztec Rock Hunger and gave insight into what makes the campaign so unique and special.

“Aztecs Rock Hunger is special because it has been successful, the students on this campus care about one another and work to ensure students are treated with dignity and care as they address their basic needs,” Espinoza said “Generosity and the idea of community are the main drives for this campaign.”

Aztecs Rocks Hunger has had overwhelming support and great success according to the numbers. SDSU has raised over 2.7 million pounds of food since 2015.

Aztecs Rock Hunger was able to raise 590,503 pounds in 2018 alone. This is largely due to the many initiatives the campaign offer in order to raise money.

Language, speech and hearing science junior Courtney Parks explained some of the initiatives the campus has taken.

“This year we have had support from the College Area Business District and have a couple fundraisers put on by those businesses,” Parks said. “We also partner with Aztec Proud so if someone donates $10 to Aztecs Rock Hunger, they can receive an Aztec proud hat. We also work at a lot of homecoming events including the football game. Aztec shops is also a huge supporter of Aztecs Rock Hunger and asks people if they would like to donate every time they purchase something.”

The campaign has inspired everyday students to donate their change and any extra dollars to a good cause, sophomore Natasha Mariner said.

“I know that everytime I go to the market I am asked to donate to Aztecs Rock Hunger,” Mariner said. “I also am always seeing signs on campus and it inspires me to donate a little because I know it will help in the long run.”

SDSU has promised to give 20% of the donations raised through the campaign to the Economic Crisis and Response Team, which helps students with food and housing insecurity. The campaign also provides food for the campus food pantry that serves students twice a week.

“It is an absolute honor to be a part of this amazing campaign” Parks said. I feel so lucky to be even a small part of making a huge difference.”

For more information you can go to SDSUs Aztecs Rocks Hunger Page to find upcoming events and ways to donate. The campaign will continue to take donations until November 18 and begin again next Fall.