Graphic design senior turns album art into a career

by Kelly Kerrigan , Senior Staff Writer

For graphic design senior Chandler Brunelli, what started off as a hobby of recreating his favorite album art has now turned into a career. Brunelli has spent countless hours over the past four years learning everything he could about various design programs and using social media to reach out to artists. 

Throughout his college career, Brunelli’s art has evolved and he has taken on more creative projects. He said he is inspired by the world around him to create all forms of art, from album covers to drawings to posters. For him, his inspirations range from fashion, movies, food and, most importantly, music. 

“I came into SDSU with talent and ambition, but I lacked direction. The professors and curriculum, along with hours upon hours of practice, have molded my talent into professional skills,” Brunelli said when discussing his time at state. 

“My early graphic design work was interesting, but it lacked sophistication and thought. The classes here have developed my eye for design and established a foundation upon which I can create within the boundaries of good design.”

Brunelli has created album art for well-known artists like Diplo, Migos, Rich the Kid and more. He said when designing a new project he likes to create something with his hands and then pulls them into design programs where he has the ability to manipulate them as he pleases. Brunelli spent this summer working for Verizon Media where he designed busses and other materials for Young Hollywood.  

In January, Brunelli will be working on a project with the art students of East Village High School in San Diego where he will be assisting the students in recreating cover art for their favorite artists. He hopes to teach young artists to create freely and make art without boundaries. 

“I’m super excited about this because this is exactly how I started my professional career so it feels very full circle,” Brunelli said. 

Brunelli focuses on precision and patience in his pieces, which makes his style distinct and unique. He pays attention to line accuracy when recreating real people and commands different computer programs. The graphic designer said the most important thing any artist can do is to stay true to themselves. 

“I would advise anyone pursuing art to be patient with your craft and don’t be quick to follow trends. Create what feels right to you,” Brunelli said “You shouldn’t copy other people’s work – a smart artist takes their inspirations and uses them to craft original work. Also, you shouldn’t strictly rely on things like Pinterest and Tumblr for inspiration – look outside in nature and around you for creativity in the real world.”

You can discover more of Chandler’s artwork on Instagram @lerdraws or at