Paint paired with drinks makes for a sipping time


Juliet Sanders

The instructor gave tips on how to paint the example.

by Callista Hensen, Staff Writer

San Diego State University’s Associated Students hosted its bi-annual Sip and Paint event Wednesday night, Nov. 13, for students to immerse themselves in an atmosphere filled with art and free food.

When they entered, students were presented with a painting they were allowed to copy or pull inspiration from. Step-by-step instructions were projected onto a big screen for students to listen and follow along. 

The instructions provided students with a personal guide in recreating the painting showcased in the front.  

In light of the holiday season, the painting used for inspiration featured blue-toned shades that played on winter spirit.. It illustrated an illuminated sky using gradients of blue, with a full, glowing moon on a snowy night. 

Students were allowed to take direction however they saw fit. They weren’t restricted to copying the painting showcased, and they had the freedom to utilize the supplies with their own creative outlook.

Students looked at the screen to get inspiration for their own painting.

English fifth-year Xiomahara Solis said she enjoyed having the freewill to paint whatever she wanted. She became aware of the event when she came across the flyers posted in the Aztec Student Union, and she attended it with her sorority sisters. 

Chair of Union Nights for A.S. and Communications Sophomore Desiree Rearte said A.S. continues to host this event every semester due to its popularity among students on campus.

“We’ve done this event in the past, this is our fifth time and it’s been pretty successful,” Rearte said. “But in general the Union Nights and (Aztec Student Union Board) as a whole put on events for students in a safe environment for them to come and meet other people and to get involved on campus.”

A.S. Programs Coordinator Veronica Perondi said this event is a student favorite, so they try to host it every semester. She’s heard feedback from students stating they particularly seek out this event..

“All the activities that ASUB does is to create a unique environment on campus for students,” Perondi said. “All of our events are free, they’re allowed to bring guests so you know friends and family from off-campus. But it’s mostly just to provide an opportunity to have fun on campus and to get a break from studying and stress.” 

The event was held in Montezuma Hall, and provided an array of snacks and refreshments such as rice krispy treats, brownies and croissants for students to enjoy during the event. The school provided the necessary supplies needed for full participation, including the paint, paint brushes and canvas. Entrance and seating was accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The event was open to all SDSU students and even allowed for students to bring a plus one if desired.