Sublyme art company created by interior design student

Kvantaliani created her own company called Sublyme.

Graphic by Lile Kvantaliani

Kvantaliani created her own company called Sublyme.

by Natalie Wilson, Contributor


This is one of Kvantaliani’s art pieces.

“Thank you for the tragedy. I needed it for my art,” Kurt Cobain said. 

Interior design junior Lile Kvantaliani said this quote resonates with her. That’s because it was her toughest experiences that allowed her to create her company, Sublyme.

Kvantaliani created Sublyme just under a year ago. The company sells a variety of art prints she creates that are printed on t-shirts, hoodies and decor. 

She said she it was a life-changing trip to Asia that inspired to create her company.

“During this trip, I was exposed to so many vibrant colors, and I was inspired to create new designs,” Kvantaliani said. “After returning back to San Diego, I knew that I wanted to do something more with my art. I had a blank t-shirt and an iron-on transfer paper at my apartment from a recent school project, so I decided to experiment.” 

After creating a few samples, she wore her designs around campus began gaining a lot of attention from strangers and peers. 

“I got countless compliments and requests to make shirts for people,” Kvantaliani said. “I decided to create a website so I could display more options and sell my merchandise. In only one day I had designed and launched my own personal website.” 

Art wasn’t new to Kvantaliani. She’s had a passion for designing and making art since a young age. However, until Sublyme, she was never able to figure out what she wanted to do with her passion.

“It wasn’t something I consciously chose, but something that I’ve always been naturally drawn to,” Kvanatalini said. “I think that doing something that excites you is one of the most important things in life, and for me, exploring art is everything.” 

Sublyme has gained a lot of attention through social media. Many of her friends also help support her in various ways, including wearing the merchandise and posting it on their online accounts. 

After a few months she received news that she would be able to sell her art at a local retail store called Simply Local in North Park.

Kvantaliani continues to strive to make Sublyme unique and closely related to her personal views as an artist.

“In my designs, I often put objects in places you wouldn’t normally (or ever) see, such as flowers blooming from the human body or replacing the sun with fruits,” Kvantaliani said. “The reason I do this is to show that the world as we see it, is not the only way it can be perceived, and if presented in the right environment, anything negative has the potential to thrive and be positive.” 

One of Kvantaliani’s goals is to expand her exposure outside of San Diego. She wants to have her merchandise in more stores around San Diego and to get more of her friends to rep her merchandise. 

For more information, visit her website or follow her instagram