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Sending off senior staff writer to New York City

Victoria Brose
Faulkner holds the playbills of all of the plays she has covered for The Daily Aztec.

When I joined the Arts & Culture section of The Daily Aztec two and a half years ago, I couldn’t have imagined the way it would shape my dreams, career or the amount of opportunities it would bring me. From experiencing some amazing local eateries, covering more than 18 performing arts events and landing a career starting gig with Broadway San Diego, I am thankful for everything the newspaper has put into motion for me. 

I still get incredibly excited to see my articles and my name in print. There is magic in print journalism. It is also always cool when someone comes up to me and says “Hey, you’re the girl that writes about theatre!”

I started out as a political science major with big dreams to be a foreign service officer, but after realizing exactly how heavy the world’s challenges are, that quickly changed. When I joined the School of Journalism and Media Studies, it all clicked. When I chose my auxiliary discipline in theatre, everything felt in tune. I encourage all college students to think about what makes them happiest in life and go for it, don’t be afraid of change and don’t think you have to chase money. 

I graduate in two days and the emotions are running high, but I am so excited for the future and to take what I have learned from The Daily Aztec and San Diego State with me to New York City where I will be joining the team of the off-Broadway musical “Good Morning New York.” Having my name in a real life Playbill is a dream come true, and I have to thank the newspaper for helping me gain invaluable experience over the years. 

I have had the honor of experiencing incredible teaching from people who are so passionate about their subject and that makes all the difference. 

Professor Alexa Mokalis, you are such a queen. I want to be you when I grow up. Your courses are so relevant and useful that I truly feel more prepared for my professional career because of you. Also, you’re fabulous. Thank you for always plugging my jacket painting business, your support is so appreciated. 

Dr. Nate, I don’t even know where to start. You have expanded my mind and broadened my perspective in so many ways. You promote creativity in your students and that is admirable. You are such a force on SDSU’s campus and I am so glad I was able to take your classes. I will truly miss our “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Schitt’s Creek” recap discussions. 

Professor Jayla Lee, I hope you never forget when I started crying in your 8 a.m. last week due to my bittersweet emotions about graduating. I have enjoyed your classes so much because of you and the way that you teach. You are the kindest soul I have ever met and you are a gift to SDSU’s campus.

Dr. Patrice Amon and Dr. Katie Turner, I am so thankful for your passion and hearts to teach theatre. In many ways your classes saved me, made me laugh and made me look at things in a different light. Patrice, you literally took us to Disneyland. You are incredible. 

Lizbeth Persons Price, thank you for being the point of contact for the countless theatre productions I have attended and for always inviting me to shows. It has been such a pleasure working with you over the years. 

To my past Arts & Culture editors – Cami, Julianna and Ceighlee – thank you for encouraging me and helping me along the way. I’m thankful to have learned from each of you. 

A special thank you to everyone who has shared their stories with me during my time with The Daily Aztec. There are so many of you who have stopped and gave your time to share your lives and voices.
Mark Beltran and the Broadway San Diego team, thank you for every opportunity you have given me in the last year. It has been an honor working with you!

Perhaps my biggest thank you’s of all: Garett, thank you for being the best husband, being by my side through it all and being my constant cheerleader. Also, thank you for being a trooper at freshman orientation and wearing the parent sticker and attending the parent sessions. Love you and Apollo forever. 

Mom and Sarah, your constant encouragement, even when I was insanely dramatic, helped me get here today. I love you guys “all the much.” 

Thanks for everything SDSU. 

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Sydney Faulkner, Senior Staff Writer
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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
Sending off senior staff writer to New York City