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SuperM brings K-Pop to campus and fan community

Courtesy of SM Entertainment
SuperM came to SDSU’s campus last Thursday.
Fans brought in light sticks that sync to the music.

The K-Pop group, SuperM, made its mark in San Diego for the We Are The Future Tour at Viejas Arena on Thursday night. 

The all-male group is comprised of seven members from EXOPLANET, SHINEE and Neo Culture Technology. They are the first K-Pop group to perform at San Diego State. 

SuperM performed a variety of songs like, “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” “Super Car” and “2Fast.”

SuperM also performed two of their unreleased singles, “Dangerous Woman” and “With You,” during the concert. Besides performing songs off their 2019 EP, each member performed their own solo on stage.

During the show, SuperM addressed their fans about their first time in the city. 

“It’s so hot, wow,” Taemin, member of SuperM and SHINEE, said.

With the majority of the members being from Korea, SuperM did their best to talk to the audience in English. One of the members, Mark Lee, is from Toronto, Canada, making him the only member who knew English prior to his career. 

SuperM shared a moment with those sitting in the floor section by handing out frisbees and other items to lucky fans.

With the concert coming to an end, SuperM finished their show with their famous single “Jopping.”

Hundreds of fans waited outside the arena hours before doors opened, many of them dancing along to a variety of K-Pop songs with other concert attendees. 

Before the concert began, fans were taking photos to commemorate their night before sitting in their seats.

There were also fans who were attending their first K-Pop concert. 

Public relations junior Gemelee Memije said she waited years to attend one of these concerts. 

“It’s been 11 years since I’ve been wanting to go to a K-Pop concert, which is crazy,” Memije said. 

Memije mentioned she wanted to see one particular member of SuperM the most. 

“I love all of them, but I am really excited to see Baekhyun,” Memije said. “Baekhyun is my favorite member from the group, EXO, so I’m glad I have this chance to see him.”

For K-Pop concerts, fans can bring a lightstick which syncs up with the music. This can help fans feel like a part of the concert and fandom. 

There were also a variety of paper banners made by the fans to support all or one specific member of SuperM.

Typically, K-Pop artists perform in Los Angeles or Anaheim, which makes SuperM one of few K-Pop groups to perform in San Diego. 

Community member Jocelyn Duenas said she was glad she could attend the concert so close to home. 

“I’m happy that we get to finally have a K-Pop concert in San Diego,” Duenas said. “I mean, even if it was in Los Angeles, it still would have been worth it.” 

Duenas attended the concert with her younger sister who was a fan of the Neo Culture Technology members. Duenas was happy to see them all. 

“I really liked seeing Taemin and Lucas the most,” Duenas said. “It’s because I like their voices and style.”

After the show, many fans shared their favorite moments and rewatched the videos they took throughout the night.

“I really enjoyed Baekhyun’s solo performance and ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain,'” Memije said. “I can’t decide which one is my favorite.”

SuperM will continue the rest of their U.S. tour with their next show happening on Tuesday, February 4 in Washington and Thursday, February 6 in Canada.

The members of SuperM had Viejas filled and energized.
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SuperM brings K-Pop to campus and fan community