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Songs between the bedsheets

Johann Derek Oribello
Oribello created a playlist for the bedsheets.

Love is blooming in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Along with that, moods can turn frisky fast, especially for college students.

Whenever that mood kicks in, it can be bothersome to have the old, rickety bed frames inside your dorm room constantly creaking. So why not switch things up and put on a sex playlist to set the mood, right? 

Everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to music, and the same can be said whenever the situation gets hot. Whether or not you already have your own playlist, consider checking out some of these songs that will add some spice to the bedroom: 

“Too Deep” by dvsn

Toronto-based R&B duo, dvsn have been creating projects full of baby-making jams ever since they signed to Drake’s music label, OVO Sounds. This song in particular encapsulates their specialty in narcotic slow jams featuring sexually frank lyrics. The sensual production with seductive vocals makes this song the perfect choice to get the mood going.

“Beauty & Essex” by Free Nationals feat. Daniel Caesar

The funky, retro-soul band Free Nationals is best known for being the live band for popular singer Anderson .Paak, but they have developed into their own musical act after years of supporting the frontman. The band enlists soulful crooner Daniel Caesar to deliver romantic vibes with lyrics like “wet like an ocean, aphrodisiac potion.” Throwing on this song will definitely create an atmosphere for an unforgettable night. 

“Wet the Bed” by Chris Brown featuring Ludacris

R&B superstar Chris Brown and iconic rapper Ludacris dive in to create one of the most seductive songs of the last decade. The title itself already establishes the racy atmosphere listeners will experience. As the second collaboration between the two artists, they don’t miss a beat in gearing up your sex drive. Get your towels ready. 

“In Those Jeans” by Ginuwine 

This is a bonafide sultry R&B song that captures the timeless sound of 90s R&B. Ginuwine is one of the most classic and prominent artists when it comes to the art of seduction. The guitar strings layered in the production matching his seductive and provocative delivery is bound to make eyes roll. Cupid won’t need to shoot shots if you put this song on at the right spot. 

“I Invented Sex” by Trey Songz feat. Drake

 If Ginuwine is the R&B sex icon for the 90s, then Trey Songz would be the one to carry the torch towards the 2000s. Songz’ bravado with Drake’s braggadocious verse oozes sexual prowess that makes this song a no brainer. The hypnotic beat surrounding Songz’ vocals will spark a passion that’s bound to keep things busy the entire night. 

“1 On 1” by Leven Kali featuring MXXWLL

Up-and-coming singer Leven Kali creates a mystical and adventurous ambiance that’s guaranteed to captivate your lover. The warm bounce and soothing vocals from Kali develop a sense of intimacy that will dispel any previous sexual tension. A song that focuses on seizing the moment is the perfect culmination to a passionate night of romantic expression. 

About the Contributor
Johann Derek Oribello, Senior Staff Writer
Johann Derek Oribello is an English senior at San Diego State with a minor in journalism. He’s from Las Vegas, Nevada and has been writing for The Daily Aztec since Fall 2018. When he’s not at home writing stories, you can find him shredding the streets on his skateboard or in a park reading a book. Follow him on twitter @johannoribello.
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Songs between the bedsheets