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Graphic design student prints creations onto T-shirts

Graphic design student prints creations onto T-shirts

by Grace Elisabeth, Contributor // November 20, 2019

Graphic design sophomore Ava Liepert is grateful to San Diego State for the artistic outlets it has provided her.  Liepert said growing up watching...

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Their pottery takes on natural body figures.

Student finds self-love through “Naked Ceramics”

by Roxana Becerril, Staff Writer // November 20, 2019

The most recurring love stories often deal with a similar narrative: a connection between two people sparks, grows and they eventually fall in love.  After...

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Vadeboncoeur performing onstage in her element.

Theater student debuts in upcoming SDSU show

by Sydney Faulkner, Senior Staff Writer // November 20, 2019

Musical theater freshman Mary Rose Vadeboncoeur is a veteran at dazzling the San Diego theatre scene.  Even though Vadeboncoeur grew up singing in...

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Photography student creates his own realities

Photography student creates his own realities

by Kelly Kerrigan , Senior Staff Writer // November 20, 2019

When marketing senior Steven Tyson seeks to find comfort in life, escape reality and find serenity in the natural world, he takes a look through his camera...

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Must-see artworks on campus

Must-see artworks on campus

by Devin Whatley, Staff Writer // November 20, 2019

San Diego State’s campus is home to many different types of arts. They are seen by students everyday, but can often go unnoticed. Here are some notable...

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This fiery mural located on the Art North building is definitely hard to miss. Paying homage to the murals in Chicano Park, Professor Mario Torero and his students debuted “Eyes of Picasso” in December 2016. Other than the mural having a compelling backstory, it is sure to literally brighten up anyone’s Instagram feed.

A tour of the hidden maze that is the art building

by Cami Buckman , Senior Staff Writer // November 17, 2016

Hepner Hall, Love Library and the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union are all recognizable places on campus every San Diego State student knows of. But many...

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Photo courtesy of Josh Goldstein

Engineer doubles as photographer

by Kelly Kerrigan , Contributor // November 16, 2016

A simple gift from grandma could change your life forever. At 16-years-old Josh Goldstein received an old digital single-lens reflex camera from his...

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Leaving my legacy on a trash can

by Ahmad Dixon, Contributor // November 16, 2016

I am just about midway through my first year at San Diego State and I am already concerned about my legacy. I want generations of students to see my...

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Photo courtesy of Jesseca Aquino.

Art education junior wants to inspire

by Nicole Sazegar, Senior Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

When Jesseca Aquino was 8 years old, her mother took her to visit an art gallery. Seeing mannequin parts coming out of the ceiling inspired Aquino to join...

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Photo by Christian Hicks

Theatrical designer makes abstract art

by Alex Noble, Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

Theatrical design is a process.  The costumes, sets, props, makeup and so much more serve to realize the characters and world of the play. Every minute...

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Beonica Bullard says her job as a stage manager chose her. Photo by Christian Hicks

Navigating a career in stage management

by Kayleigh Venne , Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

Sometimes our passions find us in the most unconventional and unexpected ways. San Diego State television, film and new media senior Beonica Bullard never...

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Photo courtesy of If. Dance Theater

If. Dance Theater crushes tradition

by Carly Yribarren , Staff Writer // November 16, 2016

There is no denying that San Diego State has a talented performing arts program. The program has inspired many students to challenge the meaning of performing,...

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