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The restart of the age of Pax Obama

by Leonardo Castaneda // November 9, 2012

This election was a defining moment in U.S. history and it would be presumptuous to claim to already understand what it all means. However, at The...

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Mayoral race: Filner is the lesser of two evils

by Leonardo Castaneda // November 6, 2012

San Diego is a moderate city. Its moderate weather causes panic whenever it deviates from 72 degrees. It’s a moderately wealthy city, with a median...

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The Daily Aztec’s candidate endorsements

by Leonardo Castaneda // November 6, 2012

The Daily Aztec endorses the following candidates for local, state and national elections President - Barack Obama This election cycle is all about...

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The Daily Aztec’s proposition endorsements

by Leonardo Castaneda // November 6, 2012

The Daily Aztec endorses the following positions in California’s 11 propositions Proposition 30 - YES Jerry Brown's Tax Increase The temporary...

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Share your lunch and politics on Facebook

by Madison Hopkins // November 5, 2012

Scrolling through social network newsfeeds can be a mundane activity filled with dull statuses and pictures of every irrelevant thing your friends...

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Prop 36: Three strikes to bankruptcy

by Leonardo Castaneda // November 5, 2012

In the 2002 cinematic masterpiece "Minority Report," Tom Cruise portrays a police officer tasked with stopping pre-crime. With the help of triplets capable...

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Prop 33: insurance deception

by Heather Rushall // November 4, 2012

Proposition 33 is a ballot initiative asking California voters to approve a new discount for drivers who have maintained consistent auto insurance coverage...

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Prop 37: Consumers have a right to know about GMOs

by Caitlin Johnson // November 1, 2012

In just a few days, voters will go to the polls and cast their votes on many important issues. Bayonets and binders of women aside, the ballot this...

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Prop V: Unneeded GCCCD spending

by Heather Rushall // November 1, 2012

East County voters will get a chance this election to decide whether they want to pass Proposition V to spend $398 million on renovations to Grossmont...

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Prop 35: Sex traffic law vaguely expands police power

by Heather Rushall // October 29, 2012

Proposition 35, if passed, will create harsher punishments for those who participate in the sex trafficking industry. These punishments include prison...

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Prop. 38: Tax pain without educational gains

by Matthew Smith // October 29, 2012

Proposition 38 is one of two initiatives that would raise taxes in order to increase revenue for public education. Only one can be enacted. In order...

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Scott Peters: His policies in his own words

by Leonardo Castaneda // October 25, 2012

Congressional candidate Scott Peters spoke to The Daily Aztec about his campaign for the 52nd District against incumbent Brian Bilbray. Here are some...

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