$130 million in projects suspended at SDSU to mitigate impacts of coronavirus


Bella Ross

Signs outside of a construction zone by the SDSU Gateway Center warn about the dangers of COVID-19 and how to stay safe.

by Kaitlyn Little, News Editor

San Diego State has decided to suspend $130 million in projects in an attempt to mitigate the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a May 7 university-wide email. 

Some of the paused projects that the email lists include work on the Calpulli entry, garden and restroom improvements, University Tower improvements, traffic mitigation projects and the acquisition of a student housing building. The university said it decided to pause these construction projects because they were “not as timely or urgent.” 

We recognize that all of our current construction projects and building improvements are both needed and important,” the email reads. “This remains true even as we continue to manage through COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic does, however, require that we, like campuses throughout our region and across the nation, adapt and introduce new procedures for the benefit of safety, well-being and long-term organizational planning and vitality.”

Despite some pauses, the university continues to have ongoing projects that are “deemed essential to support the infrastructure, academic and research needs of SDSU.” These projects include: 

  • The Aztec Recreation Center Expansion began in March.
  • The design of the parking lot project for Building A. Construction will begin this fall and completition is projected for spring 2021.
  • Design of the College of Sciences heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is ongoing, with construction progressing through 2021.
  • Don Powell and Second Stage improvements will begin in Spring 2021 and continue through Spring 2023.
  • Door and window replacements in Chapultepec began this month and are slated to complete in Fall 2020.
  • The KPBS expansion and renovation project will begin in August 2020 and extend through Spring 2022.
  • Various Love Library improvements and maintenance work are ongoing and are scheduled to be completed in Fall 2021.
  • The Professional Studies and Fine Arts deferred maintenance work is ongoing and will be completed in Fall 2020.
  • The first phase of the steam to heating hot water system conversion is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed in Fall 2020.

SDSU said all construction workers involved with these projects are taking proper health precuations to ensure the health of the contractors and university employees still working on campus. These measures include physically distancing teams and encouraging regular hand washing, as well as cleaning work gloves. Face coverings also are required to be worn on-site in compliance with a San Diego law that went into effect May 1, requiring everyone in the county to wear some type of face covering, according to the email.

The school said it continues to assess the current state while making decisions regarding campus operations.