Virus may push Spring 2020 commencement ceremony to December

by Jeanette Giovanniello, Staff Writer

Recent San Diego State graduates may have to wait even longer for an in-person commencement ceremony. 

In a campus wide email, SDSU announced possible adjustments for the postponed Spring 2020 commencement, due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

The commencement, originally scheduled for May, was postponed to Dec. 17 to 20. The university has not officially cancelled the ceremony, but a final decision will be made on Oct. 1, according to the email.

The decision will be made based on public health guidelines that concern large gatherings. In the email, the university stated that it is working closely with county and state health agencies.

Some students have said that they would not be comfortable attending due to the pandemic.

Ruben Meza, criminal justice graduate, said that the university should consider holding the ceremonies on a smaller scale.

“If they do the ceremony at a much smaller portion, I think that would be a lot more comfortable,” Meza said. “Having large crowds and ceremonies with every major in the college might be a no. I wouldn’t be comfortable unless they are very precautious with what they do with social distancing. ”

Students still have the option to attend the May 2021 commencement. Though, for some graduates, this option is too little too late.  Meza said that many students, like himself, plan to relocate for work.

“Since it is already postponed, it’s going to be hard for a lot of students who have graduated because you don’t know who’s staying locally,” Meza said. “Especially students who had to go back home, to a different state or different country. I want to say that I am able to attend but I don’t know. I’m applying for jobs all around.”

Bailey Hahn, a communications graduate, said that if the event is postponed to spring, the school should consider the amount of people in attendance. 

“Postponing the December commencement might be the safest idea, although I would still like to attend it,” Hahn said. “COVID has peaked a lot since we first found out about it and it is supposedly going to get worse. If there is a May ceremony they need to consider that it would probably be double the students.”

In place of the May 2020 commencement, the university hosted a virtual celebration for students graduating at SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley. The university has already announced that most classes will be taught online this upcoming semester. 

For students who are unable to attend the postponed in-person commencement, the university has offered to send diploma covers to students homes by early Sept.

Additional questions and concerns surrounding the commencement ceremony can be directed to