Production Night: We’re back, tell your friends


Brenden Tuccinardi

Production Night is The Daily Aztec’s weekly news podcast that is pulling back the curtain on San Diego State’s student newsroom. Writers, editors and guests will discuss the week’s biggest stories and invite listeners into the action.

by Trinity Bland and Sara Rott

The Daily Aztec podcast host and staff writer Sara Rott is joined by news editor Katelynn Robinson to welcome listeners back to “The Daily Aztec: Production Night.” After a small hiatus, we return to the mic to bring back stories, laughter and collaborations. 

Featured on the latest episode, an op-ed written by graduate student and opinion contributor Alyssa Phillips shares perspectives on being vaccinated and how it does not prevent one from the less-discussed impacts and aftermath of the virus. As the global pandemic seems to subside in more ways than not and the state of California is fully open, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is the talk of the town. 

Likewise, Rott and Robinson talk about how the cast from the classic sitcom “Friends” came together for a special unscripted reunion years after the show’s 10-year run, in line with an arts and culture review written by Robinson. She reveals some spoilers, so be forewarned. “Friends: The Reunion” is available on HBO Max.

“Production Nights” is just one of the podcasts produced by The Daily Aztec. The podcast duo share their thoughts on the NCAA NIL rule update discussion from the latest episode of “Spear Sports Report,” hosted by assistant sports editor Andrew Finley and sports contributor Nick Coppo.