Production Night: The stage is set


Brenden Tuccinardi

Production Night is The Daily Aztec’s weekly news podcast that is pulling back the curtain on San Diego State’s student newsroom. Writers, editors and guests will discuss the week’s biggest stories and invite listeners into the action.

by Sara Rott and Jessica Octavio

The Daily Aztec podcast host and senior staff writer Sara Rott is joined by opinion senior staff writer Jessica Octavio in the latest episode of Production Night.

Featured on the latest episode, Octavio updates listeners about San Diego State’s COVID-19 requirements. Written by managing editor Trinity Bland, the vaccine becomes an important component in order to access campus this fall semester. The duo question how these factors will be enforced in certain areas of campus. 

Likewise, Bland continues her COVID-19 update by writing about how all three vaccines will be available to the SDSU community with the campus’ recent addition of the Pfizer vaccine. Rott shares her thoughts on how this will affect the students, staff and faculty while Octavio shares a sneak peek of her upcoming article.

In less apocalyptic news, as Octavio puts it, sports senior staff reporter and writer Jenna Meyer’s article about five Aztec baseball players are chosen for the major league’s amateur draft.

SDSU’s musical theater club (MTC) elected an all-woman board to pave a new path into the new semester. Staff writer Lucelis Martinez writes about their upcoming projects, driving the excitement and support Octavio and Rott have for the club. 

Lastly, two stories are picked for “Featured Opinion Story of the Week.” Art and culture editor Ryan Hardison covered how Naomi Osaka’s surprising decision to withdraw from press obligations illuminated the importance of mental health. Opinion contributor Alyssa Phillips provided interesting commentary this week on an article about the importance of a neutral Supreme Court. The podcast duo of the week highlight how Phillips makes the important points digestible to the reader.