Ways to spice up your room on a budget


Cristina Lombardo

Some tape (or washi tape) and a pair of scissors can do you all the wonders and allow you to create fun, yet, useful things for your new room.

by Cristina Lombardo, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor

San Diego State is welcoming a new generation of students to campus this fall 2021 semester. Moving in as a freshman or sophomore can be time consuming and overwhelming. The list of what someone may need while moving can seem endless but oftentimes some stuff can easily be created by following a simple DIY or hack. 

Simple items including room decor, shelfs, storage and more can be at your fingertips with a few supplies and a little bit of creativity. 

Here are some ways to spice up your apartment or dorm with affordable materials.

If you’re one to always lose post-it notes, why not try a dry erase board? All it needs is a picture frame, some masking tape and dry erase markers. The process of making it only really requires some fun masking tape, for more information on each step you can go visit this website

Need a place to store keys? Some screw hooks (or command hooks), a good old lucky picture frame, some paint brushes and paint can give you a cute, yet simple place to put your keys after an exhausting day of classes. This Buzzfeed article can give you an idea of what it could look like. 

These items will diversify and lighten up your rooms for only a few bucks, but what would be even more helpful is if there was just a little bit more storage in a dorm, especially when you’re sharing with another person. If you have some cardboard laying around from previous amazon packages, you can easily transform it into a shoe rack in less than an hour. From a piece of your previous packages, that can eventually become a part of your new place, the website, a piece of rainbow got you covered. 

Need storage for that tiny desk in your dorm room or room in general? With washi tape and something to cut the cereal boxes at an angle, you can create a nice, colorful dedicated space in the corner of your desk. Using something that is easily accessible, such as cereal boxes, can help to reduce the amount of money spent on an actual organizer. For more information on how to create these cereal boxes organizers, you can visit onegoodhingbyjillee.com.

Lastly, if you packed way too many clothes or overestimated the amount of space you would have, having some space saving closet hangers wouldn’t hurt. Instead of spending $12.99 for a four pack, you could get a pack of S hooks for a cheaper price which will ultimately help limit the amount of space you are wasting in your closet. You can put accessories, pants and tank tops if needed! To go beyond just the simple S hook, you can also get a chain to replace those amazon closet organizers, which you can find more information about these closet organizers on instructables.com.

If you’re unsure of what to bring on move-in day, here are some essentials you don’t want to forget!

All these DIYs and hacks are here to make your transition to your home away from home a little easier and sweeter.