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Kolorhouse unites campus creatives

Chris Finn
Kolorhouse SDSU hosted their first Social Photoshoot on Friday, Oct. 15 in Hepner Hall

If you’re a creative at San Diego State looking for a platform to express yourself, Kolorhouse could be the place for you.

Kolorhouse is a brand which started in 2019 and branched into a chapter at SDSU with the intent to provide a creative outlet for members and students.

Charlie Seith, Kolorhouse president and senior entrepreneurship major, decided to turn his brand into a chapter at SDSU after transferring, and looking for a way to get involved on campus.

Creative State, a collective at SDSU that highlights the local art scene of San Diego, was also an inspiration for Seith to make the next step.

“I was just thinking, ‘wow, that would be so cool to just make that my own but turn it into Kolorhouse because I’ve been doing a lot of clothes making and I did like a podcast,’” Seith said. “I’ve done so much stuff for Kolorhouse but I never really made it a community thing and that was my first goal with it.”

Kolorhouse aims to focus on all forms of creative expression, and is not fixated on one category. Seith said he wanted to incorporate different segments of art, so that people could be themselves without limitations.

Though it is a new club, Kolorhouse is already planning events for this semester. One of their projects, “Creatives on Campus,” is centered around featuring different creatives at SDSU on their social media and website.

Journalism and public relations junior Bethany Andros, who is also vice president of marketing for the group, explained that the club has been reaching out to students regularly.

“It’s really rewarding being able to see Kolorhouse grow before our eyes and be able to showcase some amazing work from other students,” Andros said.

Kolorhouse is also planning in-person events this semester, where members, collaborators and students will be able to experience different artistic avenues. Seith said that they also plan to collaborate with other clubs.

Junior Anna Williams, vice president of events and international business major, said Kolorhouse will give creative students a chance to showcase their talents alongside their peers on campus and online. 

We really intend on featuring more creatives on our social media and website, and plan on having in-person creative showcases on/off-campus where people can show off their creative abilities,” Williams said.

They’re also focusing their energy towards keeping the clothing brand aspect of Kolorhouse relevant through the chapter.

Kolorhouse SDSU President Charlie Seith.
Kolorhouse SDSU President Charlie Seith. (Chris Finn)

“We’re developing this thing where it’s a community clothing shop where members can make their own graphic design T-shirt, and then it would just be Kolorhouse on it which is to just resemble the chapter, and who gave them the platform,” Seith said.

The board is also excited to continue growing on campus and expanding their reach.

We really want Kolorhouse to become a staple on campus and continue to grow over the next few years,” Andros said.

Not only that, but Williams described Kolorhouse as a very warm and welcoming place.

Being a member of Kolorhouse is like having the coolest people on campus as your family,” Williams said. “I feel like members are constantly doing such amazing things with their creative abilities, it’s hard to catch up sometimes! I never feel out of place, I can pitch any ideas/concepts I have and someone will be there to listen or even help execute my plans.

If you’re interested in joining Kolorhouse, you can do so by reaching out to their Instagram @Kolorhouse.sdsu, or heading to their website.

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Kolorhouse unites campus creatives