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10 Fun Things To Do In San Diego For College Students

San Diego is a place that’s got a little something for everyone. There are impeccable beaches where visitors can spend hours just watching the waves. High-rise buildings with the view of the whole city and tons to do in the city itself, especially for college students looking to spend their time doing something fun with a group!

Can’t figure out where to start? This list of 10 fun things to do in San Diego will help start things off!

1. Jet Ski at Mission Bay SportsCenter

San Diego is known for its beaches. There are 31 of them throughout the coastal line after all, and well, with all of those beaches come a bunch of water sports. One of the best water sports in the entire city is jet skiing. Specifically San Diego jet ski rentals at Mission Bay SportCenter. Here, visitors can take their jet skis anywhere throughout the bay, and it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by a whole group!

2. Ride on a Yacht

Water-related activities don’t have to be super intense. If there’s a larger group of students that want to have a nice day out on the water while just relaxing, a ride on a yacht might just be the best thing to do! Book a San Diego yacht rental with Triton Charters, which gives you the option to rent a yacht for a whole day or a few hours, where everyone can kick back, relax and have a great day out in the open waters! If it’s a little out of your price range, they also offer ticketed cruises throughout the week!

3. Rent a Catamaran With Malarky Charters

Thinking of something a little less extravagant than a yacht? Hit up San Diego Catamaran Rental and book an entire catamaran for a group of 12. These are great for a longer trip in the water where everyone would have ample space to hang out. The space onboard makes it so everyone can be together yet have lots of space simultaneously. Many activities like jet skiing and water sliding can be added on with the Catamaran package for an even better time!

4. Go to Comic-Con

Got a group of superhero fans? Gather up and hit the next comic con. The convention hosts thousands of people every year that come together to enjoy all the different types of events, screenings, panels, workshops, and everything in between!

5. Visit the San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo isn’t an ordinary zoo. It’s 1,200-acres of land filled with animals from all over the world! There are over 300 different animals on the grounds, some even at risk for extinction. However, that’s not why it’s on this list. It’s because apart from just seeing the zoo on foot, the visitors can take a hot air balloon ride that lets them hover over the zoo, allowing them to see all the wildlife at once. An experience so unique, it can’t be replicated anywhere else.

6. Spend a Day at La Jolla Cove

In the mood for something a little more adventurous? Head over to La Jolla Cove and spend the day under the water by snorkeling and exploring aquatic life. That’s not all. Those that want to stay on top of the water can even Kayak the day away and see all the fish that tend to stay near the water’s surface!

7. Visit the Balboa Park

Not all fun activities are super scary and adventurous. Visitors have to be present and enjoy everything at a calm, slow pace. That’s exactly the type of day Balboa Park has to offer. This is a park filled with greenery and natural beauty, along with 15 museums. Some museums are related to art and history, while others are about other topics like space. There’s even one about humans. Spending several days here still won’t be enough to explore all of the fascinating sites in this park!

8. Go to Legoland

There’s a time in everyone’s life when they need to awaken their inner child. What better place to do that than Legoland? Some people go here just to see how on Earth there can be a park that’s made entirely out of legos, some go for the crazy rides, and others want to splash around in the water park. This also means that it’s one of the places that can be visited several times and there would still be things to do here!

9. Paraglide at Torrey Pines Gliderport

Seeing the sunset is one thing, but seeing it from the sky is another. While hot air ballooning does offer that experience, there’s nothing as peaceful as paragliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport. Paragliding through the peaceful air looking over the insane waters and a gorgeous view is an image that just can’t be captured with anything. It needs to be experienced first hand!

10. Go Old School at a Drive-in Theater

Going to the movies hasn’t really been the same in the past few years. A great way of getting back into the groove of watching movies without being in an enclosed space is by going old school and heading out to a drive-in theater instead! These are bound to make everyone feel like they’ve stepped out of today and into the 80s in a snap. A relaxing, fun activity for everyone!

Get Going!

With this list, no matter how diverse a group is, everyone would have something to do! So pick one activity to start with, and have a fantastic time in sunny San Diego!

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