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How high would Ethereum climb if ETFs were approved?

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash

Ethereum, the second-biggest crypto in the world, has been going through numerous challenges over the past year, with values largely stagnating and causing apprehension among investors from all over the world. Some have begun considering selling their remaining portfolios, but most pushed through and switched to pure hodling as a way of boosting their assets. Since October, values have started climbing slowly but surely, and investors are now looking to buy Ethereum online again. 

However, the crypto marketplaces are notoriously difficult to pin down, and fluctuations and changes are bound to continue over the next months. Yet, most investors are convinced that ETH is currently just a hair’s breadth away from a very significant bull run. 


The crypto community has been buzzing with the possibility of an ETF approval becoming a reality. However, this hasn’t come to pass so far, and there were in fact several delays that impacted the market. Some believed that an official announcement was due for December, but the SEC recently confirmed that the decision has been postponed yet again. Currently, the next date when investors can expect an answer is January 25th

But are there any predictions regarding how far the Ethereum price could climb? Most investors and analysts agree that the price would get on an ascending path as a result of an ETF approval, but since nothing like this has ever happened before in the cryptocurrency industry, it’s impossible to predict with total accuracy how things will unfold. 

BlackRock’s interest in cryptocurrencies is largely to play a very important role. It is the largest asset manager in the world, operating several trillions. This makes it have a very specific relationship with the regulators, especially since it is one of the first platforms to show interest in cyber currencies. The fact that noteworthy names are moving towards Ethereum shows that new projects are underway for institutional investors. 


Prices change very quickly in the crypto environment, and the differences can be quite considerable even from one day to the next. The Ethereum price has managed to breach the $2,000 level after securing the $1,930 support level. The relatively rapid growth led many to predict that Ethereum will continue to see a considerable amount of gains going into the future, so market sentiment is generally optimistic. 

2024 will be a bullish year for Ethereum, and some believe that the price could climb up to $3,000, or perhaps even slightly exceed the level. However, others are more reserved in their predictions, since they believe that the situation is somewhat similar to the final days of 2022. Back then, after a very difficult year in which everyone saw considerable losses, investors were expecting 2023 to be a much better year. 

While January was a good month and prices began rising steadily, April brought losses and summer was a mix of positive and negative influences. However, Ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies ended 2022 on a very low position, with some of the most serious losses in the crypto’s entire history. The same cannot be said for the end of 2023. The coins are stronger now, and although the prices are still recovering and consolidating, there’s no doubt that the situation is different. This is the root of the optimism most investors feel about 2024. 

If the growth continues, and remains somewhat linear, by 2026 Ethereum could go as far as $8,000, reaching all-time high levels and further establishing its position in the crypto environment. Predictions in the cyber currency sphere tend to go quite far, and there are some talking about how by 2032 Ethereum might be anywhere between $61K and $63K. Those that are very optimistic about the potential of Ethereum believe that $75,000 is more realistic. 

Best strategy 

Since the crypto environment is changing so fast, it can be very challenging to come up with a definitive strategy. If you haven’t been involved in the cyber finance world for very long, it can seem downright impossible. After all, how can you know which choices would be best if there’s no way to accurately predict the outcomes? This is why cryptocurrencies can be quite difficult to deal with, despite being so rewarding. 

At the moment, hodling is the best thing you could do. Since the prices tend to fluctuate quite a lot, you don’t want to do too much buying or selling. Price shifts could see that you lose more than you gain, and this isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with. But is now the best time to accumulate Ethereum? Many investors appear to think so. 

Given how a bull run is seen as imminent, and would undoubtedly be much more considerable than the growth seen so far, investors believe that buying now is the best way to see revenue later. Later, when the values climb, you should focus on selling or hodling to create more profit. Recently, there was a failed attempt at breaking the $2,400 level which momentarily started a bearish reversal. 

The fact that the prices are climbing might also intensify the supply. Intraday trading volume stands at roughly $12.2 billion, showing that gains remain consistent. This is very important for the crypto market, which is not traditionally known for its continuity. 

The bottom line 

The crypto market is recovering after some very challenging years, but investors are optimistic that things will start improving very soon. Ethereum is one of the most important digital coins in the world, so expectations are high. While ETH hasn’t climbed as fast or as high as Bitcoin, it has still taken huge steps and is bound to continue growing. As the rally continues, it’s important investors remain mindful of the challenges that come with the fluctuations of the market. 

Make sure that you don’t make decisions that carry a high degree of risk, since it could mean that you’ll have to deal with considerable losses as well. to protect your portfolio and holdings, you need to analyze the market carefully and only conduct transactions that you know are likely to succeed.

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