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LSAT Tips: How to Ace the Test

The Law School Admission Test or LSAT, might seem intimidating at first. But with the right guide, the ride does get easier. Here are the top LSAT tips to ace the test.

Pick The Right Classes in College

The LSAT is a test of mental skills and not of academic knowledge. Therefore, picking the right classes to hone those mental skills can mean more than practice. You can opt for courses in ethics, history and philosophy to improve your comprehension, reading and reasoning skills. We suggest taking up classes in formal logic since it is one of the most challenging subjects covered in the LSAT. This will help you get that extra level of practice before the test.

Forget Perfection

With any other academic test, you would barely pass if you got 65 per cent of the questions right, but with the LSAT, 65 per cent helps you make the cut and score in the 75th percentile. Here’s things in perspective.

  • The perfect score is 180 on the LSAT. However, you don’t need to get all the questions right to get this score. This is possible with even a couple of questions wrong.
  • If you get 75 per cent of the questions right, you are outranking 90 per cent of the candidates.
  • If you get 50 per cent of the questions right, you outrank 40 per cent of test takers.

Don’t Waste Time Solving Everything

As mentioned in the previous section, getting 65 per cent of the questions right earns you a 75th percentile. The tip is to slow down and not rush to finish all the questions. Instead, focus on fewer questions and try to answer them as accurately as you can. All the questions carry the same value in the test, so there is no point in wasting time on the toughest questions when you could be focusing on the easier ones. It is ok to skip a question if you are not comfortable with it, but if you are skipping, don’t forget to fill in all the gaps.

Create the Perfect Test Simulation

How do you prepare for a high-stakes test? You always practice as if it were the real thing. Mimicking the test conditions is vital if you are practicing for the LSAT. This approach can be fruitful since it pushes your mind to conjure up the real test. Try to practice the mock test in one sitting and not just a single section of the test. This creates mental urgency and prepares it for the final day.

Understand Process of Elimination

The LSAT does offer some questions with similar answer choices. This holds especially true for the Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections. A great strategy for this is the process of elimination. Instead of finding the right option, focus on the wrong options and eliminate them. If you are able to eliminate at least two wrong choices, your chances of getting the right answer increase dramatically.

Avoid Those Pesky Pitfalls

The creators of the test have laced the test with sneaky pitfalls that are quite easy to miss if you are not careful and attentive. They have come up with ingenious ways to lead you to the wrong answers and if you are not aware of these, it’ll be hard to pass the test. For example, the wrong answer is deliberately placed right in front of the wrong answer and many students rush the test and don’t even read the correct answer.

Practice with Determination

Practice like it’s your last night before the test. Determination and consistency are key if you are looking to ace that test on the first try. The test is more than four hours long and more than anything, it will test your focus and mental skills. So, it is very important to practice with the right intent. Some of the best-ranking students on the LSAT practiced for over 50 hours.

It is important to remember not to attempt the test until you are confident that you are ready. So, take all the time you need to prepare with confidence. 


These steps should help you ace the LSAT, get you into your dream law school – and kickstart your glorious legal career on the right foot.

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