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Thai Hindu mythology offers unique insights into everyday life

Uncover the cultural significance of the colors and gods behind each day of the week
Maya Martinez
Different colored scarves are wrapped around a tree to represent and acknowledge different Hindu gods

While your zodiac sign may give you insight into your personality, the day of the week you were born could bring a little bit of luck into your life. 

In Thai culture, many believe that the day you are born can be lucky if incorporated correctly into your everyday life. 

“A daily use for Thai people is to wear clothes in the color of the day to be more lucky and in balance with life,” said Somchai Wisawasompop, a tour guide and Thailand resident.

While Thailand has a large Buddhist population, many Hindu beliefs are incorporated into various religious practices. For many, one of those beliefs is the seven gods that rule over each day of the week, according to Wisawasompop. The god is meant to protect the day they are assigned, according to Hindu mythology. 

In many ways, this tradition has long been expressed through clothing in Thailand. 

Thai people would often dress in specific colors according to the day of the week and which god was to rule over that day. This clothing choice was seen as a sign of luck and a sign of respect to that god for protecting that day. 

In recent years, this tradition has fallen out as many do not intentionally dress according to the color that is specified for the day. The tradition — now moving toward more formal occasions — has a strong tie to the royal family of Thailand. 

For two reigns, King Rama XI and King Rama XII were born on Monday, protected by the god, Surya, and under the color yellow. The royal flag and many other aspects related to the royal family are represented with the color yellow

“You will see many trees in Thailand have scarves wrapped around their trunks,” said Peach H. Honghem, another tour guide and Thai local. “They are all the different colors of the different gods because we don’t know which god protects that tree, and so we choose to honor them all.” 

Each day also correlates with a specific planet that the deity rules over. 

So if you want to bring more peace, joy and luck into your life, consider incorporating these Thai color symbols into your everyday life. 

“There is no problem at all not being Thai and incorporating these colors into everyday life. Whatever makes you feel more happy, confident

Statue of Shani in which Thai locals present offerings for good luck in Chonburi, Thailand

and smiling is good for everyone,”  Wisawasompop said. 


Sunday is the day of the sun and is often associated with boldness, power and wealth. Often gifting something red can be used to express romantic feelings, or to bring fortune to the one receiving the gift. When born on a Sunday, the lucky color associated with that day of birth is red to represent the god Surya. 


Monday is closely associated with the moon. This can be related to friendships and bright futures. This day is often associated with starting a new chapter and good luck. When born on a Monday, the lucky color paired with that day of birth is yellow, and the deity worshiped is Surya Deva. 


While Tuesday is correlated with Mars, as well as unconditional and pure love, it is known for purity and tenderness. Represented by the laying Buddha, it is often thought that characteristics observed by people born on this day are often calm. When born on a Tuesday, the lucky color linked with that day of birth is pink, and the deity worshiped is Chandra. 


Wednesday is split in half with a morning Budha and an evening Budha. The day is closely associated with abundance, growth and balance. Wednesday is associated with Mercury and is thought to be healing. When born on a Wednesday, the lucky color associated with that day of birth is green, and the deity worshiped is Mangala. 

“I think I will incorporate green more into my life,” said Curstyn Yoshimoto, a San Diego State senior studying journalism and media studies and participant in  SDSU’s JMS Thailand trip. “In the same way that people have lucky numbers or find aspects of themselves in their zodiac signs, I think there are similar ways to connect to these special colors as well.”


Thursday is the day connected with Jupiter. Often in Thailand, it is thought that people born on this day are creative, enthusiastic and optimistic. When born on a Thursday, the lucky color associated with that day of birth is orange, and the deity worshiped is Brihaspati. This is a very important day for education and learning.  


Friday is the day shared with the planet Venus. This day is a lucky day for prayer and meditation. The day is often thought to be peaceful and with an abundance of tranquility. When born on a Friday, the lucky color corresponding with that day of birth is blue, and the deity worshiped is Shukra. 


Saturday, the day of Saturn, is thought to be the day of success in wealth. Saturday is often mixed with luxury and is thought to ward off hardships and stress. When born on a Saturday, the lucky color represented for that day of birth is purple, and the deity worshiped is Shani.