File-sharing site gets shut down



MCT Campus

by Elisse Miller

On Jan. 19, one of the nation’s most popular file-sharing websites,, was shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice because of allegations of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering.

Police arrested the site’s creator, Kim Dotcom, and three other Megaupload partners at a $30 million mansion located in New Zealand. A raid of the mansion ensued and luxury items, such as fine art and cars, were seized. Currently, the contents of Megaupload’s servers are in limbo, with potential data deletion in as little as two weeks.

Citing a reaction of overall disgust online, powerful Internet group Anonymous retaliated against Megaupload’s termination by successfully shutting down the websites of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America. In the past, Megaupload has received celebrity musician endorsements from artists such as and Kanye West.