You’ve had your first date…now what?

by Tara Kistler

After you get home from a first date with someone you’re totally into and you stop smiling and thinking about all the lame jokes you cracked, you think “Now what?” Do you call him, does he call you; or should you text? When are you going to see each other next? Movies, such as “He’s Just Not That Into You,” tell us there is a “three day rule” to call the other person back, but this doesn’t seem to apply today, at least not at San Diego State.

Students ranging from freshmen to seniors have heard of this three day rule but Junior Weston Stutz says, “If this girl is special, then you won’t play those games with her.”

Guys: If you’re planning on playing games, you’re making a huge mistake. While your buddies might say you have “game,” they are forgetting the girl may not have given her number out to only you. Maybe some other guy who isn’t worried about playing hard to get will ask her out before leaving you out to dry…alone.

Some girls such as sophomore Jill Wirt suggests guys send a text goodnight then wait a few days before asking your date out again. However, one thing is for certain: If the date goes well, “girls should be affirmed that the feelings are mutual,” said junior Allie Sherrod. And if you’re worried about making an awkward phone call, junior Max Rooney suggests to, “text her later that night and say you had a great time.”

Girls: Chivalry isn’t all lost. If the date was as good as you thought it would be, chances are he thinks so too. Freshman Connor Shellito thinks it’s best to wait a day or so in order to prevent coming off as desperate.

“But if it was a great date and you know that you connected, I think it’s OK to contact sooner,” Shellito said.

Guys want to feel needed and in control, so if a guy wants to talk to you, he will. Let yourself be pursued before giving your number to that guy in your chemistry class who’s been eyeing you all semester.