Ditch the fro-yo, snack on boba

Ditch the fro-yo, snack on boba

by Alicia Chavez

The last place you would expect to find a treasure is always the first place you should start looking. Centered in the gold mine that is Zion Market in Clairemont Mesa is an entire food court dedicated to Vietnamese-themed restaurants and circling the king of all boba places, otherwise known as Boba Bar and Desserts.

Boba Bar and Desserts is a pleasant little stand that will leave boba lovers wanting more. I was recommended to try the tiger milk tea as it’s their best seller, and the mango milk tea as my server’s personal favorite drink. Naturally, I bought both. By the time I finished paying on a sleek, white iPad, my tiger milk tea was ready to enjoy, and in no time my mango milk tea was also ready, both filled with sweet boba. Easy to say, Boba Bar and Desserts has speedy service.

Tiger milk tea is a combination of Thai tea and black milk tea. It was a first for me, and it was everything I hoped it would be—a perfect marriage of both sweet and creamy. The mango milk tea was also a great buy. I was pleased to find the mango didn’t taste artificial or too bitter.

Their shaved snow is another must-try. I enjoyed a small serving of their mango shaved snow with mini mochi and lychee jelly on top. To my surprise, the shaved snow was homemade, delicious and served on a plate you can’t help but take a photo of.

Aside from the variety of milk teas, Thai teas, boba smoothies and even shaved snow, the little bar also offers several jelly flavors and other toppings to choose from. The drinks are about $3, depending on your choice of drink, flavor and boba. The shaved snow is a little more expensive starting at $4, but nothing too pricey for a college student budget.

The bar is filled with playful colors that add friendly character. The bar itself is clean and organized, and sits perfectly in the middle of the Vietnamese food court. Along with their speedy service, the staff is also very friendly and incredibly helpful in tending to your boba cravings.

I know when it can be a bit tricky to find the right boba place with some decent boba. Boba Bar and Desserts will not disappoint. Their boba pearls are both chewy and sweet. The convenience of the food court and market all located in one giant store makes grocery shopping at Zion Market a yummy experience.

Photos by Staff Photographer Chelsea Massey.