Get employed and educated on campus

by Lainie Fraser, Staff Writer

Getting involved on campus is an important way to make friends and memories at San Diego State. Sports, clubs and Greek life are fun and common choices when considering campus involvement. One form of involvement that is often over looked is employment. Working on campus is a great option for two reasons, not only is there school involvement but there’s a paycheck.

“Working on campus is way of being involved,” English senior Elaine Flores and desk assistant at University Towers said. “You make the same connections as you would at a club or organization.”

Working on campus can help a student explore different work options and environments. Students can learn where and when they work best as well as decide what type of work environment they thrive in. This prepares students for the work world while helping pay for college expenses.

“Because I’m studying to be a nutritionist, working at Shake Smart is my first step forward into the field I want to work in,” nutrition sophomore Paige McMahon and student employee at Shake Smart said.

A job on campus can help economically with school and remove the hassle of a commute. A lot of students don’t have cars and public transportation may not be ideal. Working on campus eliminates this problem.

“When working on campus San Diego State is always the priority and I love that,” international business sophomore Madison Thompson, a student supervisor of Alumni Engagement at the SDSU Alumni Association said. “I don’t have a car and even though we do have the trolley system it’s not ideal, I’m definitely appreciative of my job on campus and what it has given back to me.”

Scheduling hours is another obstacle working on campus resolves.

“One great part about working on campus is that the managers are extremely flexible with your scheduling because they understand that you’re a student first,” Kevin Sargent mechanical engineer sophomore and sales associate at the bookstore said. “If you need time off to study for your midterm 4/5 times they’ll give it to you.”

Getting involved on campus through student employment is made easy at SDSU.

“Around November, I saw a sign outside of the store saying they were hiring so I made a quick trip into the corporate office and made an interview appointment.  The interview was very easy,” Sargent said.

Working on campus allows students to explore working environments, as well as learn the tools to best succeed in their desired field.

“Working at the Alumni Association has helped me connect to my peers more and I have learned about the clubs and opportunities I can take advantage of on campus through my co-workers,” Thompson said. “As an international business major I’ve always wanted to join a club and my experiences at work have helped me put my foot in the door.”

On or off campus there is a connection between employee and customer. This relationship is incredibly important because the customers are fellow Aztecs.

“Working on campus creates a sense of community, especially with the regular customers,” McMahon said. “We don’t know each other but we know each other. I always see people around campus with a Shake Smart cup and I have my Shake Smart shirt and we give that little nod. It’s a community.”