Crime Beat: Drivers arrested at SDSU DUI checkpoint

by Quinn Owen , Senior Staff Writer

San Diego State police set up a DUI checkpoint on College Avenue Oct. 31.

Six drivers were arrested for driving under the influence while three drivers were arrested for various license violations on Halloween night. A total of eight vehicles were impounded, according to SDSU Police Department.

Approximately 1,700 vehicles came through the checkpoint. About 830 drivers were screened and 26 were sent to secondary inspection for a more thorough check.

SDSUPD worked collaboratively with the San Diego Police Department, La Mesa Police Department and the National City Police Department.

“The goal of the checkpoint was to educate the public and increase awareness on the dangers of impaired driving and to encourage sober designated drivers,” an SDSUPD press release read.

UT resident has suicidal thoughts

An SDSU student living at the University Towers residence hall was reportedly experiencing suicidal tendencies Monday afternoon, Nov. 3.

The female student was voluntarily transported to the Kaiser-Zion mental health facility for additional treatment, SDSUPD Captain Joshua Mays said.

Mays clarified that the resident did not try to commit suicide.

“It was not an attempt, but rather a resident having suicidal thoughts,” Mays said.

For information on suicide prevention visit Counseling & Psychological Services website or call at (619) 594-5220.