Trivia crack, meet reality

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer

Every month I feel like there’s a new hit iPhone or Android app that everyone refuses to quit talking about. An example of this month’s app is none other than Trivia Crack. If you haven’t heard of Trivia Crack, or have yet to download it, I am seriously wondering if you even attend San Diego State. But did you guys know there’s a real life Trivia Crack at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights?

Woodstock’s Pizza on El Cajon Boulevard holds a trivia night every Tuesday for those who want to prove their knowledge to the real world. Each week, Woodstock’s trivia features four rounds, as well as a lightening round where players must text the answer to the announcer the fastest to win. Teams are first come, first served groups and each team must consist of less than six people. The first category of each game is picked by the winning team from the week before, giving them a serious advantage if they come back the week following their win. Every week the categories are different which keeps players constantly guessing.

Trivia nights at Woodstock’s are seriously no joke — there’s a lot of yelling involved between college students about either the contents of the question, or the answer. When I attended last week, there were about eight teams all competing for first, second, or third place as the top three teams get some sort of prize. Prizes can consist of anything from discounts on food or beverages to small pint glasses.

The first category that week, which was picked by the team who won trivia night the previous week; was World of Warcraft. My team sat there in agony as the announcer listed off questions relating to that topic, none of which myself, nor my team knew anything about. The table next of us, consisting of four guys sharing a pitcher of beer, was super excited about the category — or their beer — as they seemed to know every answer. Somehow we ended up getting two of the questions right, and we were thoroughly amazed because none of us knew any information on the subject.

The next category — Winter Olympic sports ­— yielded slightly better results but nothing to be too excited about. We ended answering about half of the questions correctly as one of my teammates was an ice-skater in her youth and knew what all the figure-skating jumps were called. Our team got the answer right during the lightening round, but another team was able to text that announcer faster so they received the points.

When the third category was named, I had never been so excited in my life about watching so much television as a child. The category was Spongebob Squarepants, and at that moment, I knew that I was destined to be at Woodstock’s that night. I am not ashamed to say that I got every answer right —except for the last one. For future reference, if you’re every in a life-or-death trivia situation, the creator of Spongebob is Stephen Hillenburg.

I thought that nothing could bring my team off cloud nine after basically sweeping the last category, until the final trivia category was announced. The final category was geography, which just happened to be everyone’s lowest score on Trivia Crack. Our team got half of the answers correct and received neither first, second, nor third place. But there is a silver lining to this story as the Woodstock trivia announcer let everyone who participated in the game that night grab a handful of candy from a box. We may have lost the game of trivia, but we did not leave empty-handed.

If you believe you have mastered Trivia Crack, then try the big leagues just down the street.