Theta Chi house construction advances ahead of schedule

by Michelle Monroy, Staff Writer

Theta Chi’s new fraternity house, which is weeks ahead in its construction schedule, is following closely behind the sustainability footsteps of San Diego State.

Although the house is just a couple months into the construction process, a Theta Chi alumni association held a “topping out” party last Friday to celebrate the roof being put on. From now on the construction process can continue regardless of weather.

The new completion date for the house is July 31. It was previously slated to be completed in the fall.

The house is being built to LEED compliancy standards. Most of the house uses reinforcement steel from railroad car axles, wheels and tracks, the developer of the project Ronald Ramos said.

The new house is the culmination of 18 years of planning, saving and developing.

“Like any newly wedded couple the dream is to have your own house; I think for a fraternity, the dream is to have your own fraternity house,” San Diego County District 1 Supervisor and Theta Chi alumnus Greg Cox said.

Once the house is completed, the fully furnished interior will also be as sustainable as possible, interior designer for the project Merrill O’Donnell-Rosedale said. She added that she will design the house to be rustic yet durable and at the same time reference SDSU’s own architectural style.

The house will also be rigged to charge electric cars and Ramos is currently looking into the possibility of installing solar panels.

“Although I have built over 4,000 houses in my lifetime, this is a chance to express what the fraternity is about,” Ramos said.

He said Theta Chi in Greek means “the helping hand,” and the house will be centered around this theme.

Both Theta Chi alumni and current members toured the construction site of their future house for the first time on Friday .

“This is truly a place where we can come together and focus on what we need to, like focus on our schooling with the study lounges downstairs and also focus on having a good time,” hospitality and tourism junior Trevor Yarnall said.

Jake Gooing who will be graduating in December didn’t think he’d actually get the chance live in the house.

“I’ve seen pictures of this plan for the last four years and I didn’t think I’d actually be here to see the house be built,” Gooing said.

David Devol, a past national president for the fraternity, said they plan to have a “sleep in,” in which they will invite the alumni who contributed to the house financially to enjoy the new house.