Statement in opposition of divestment

Drafted By Sarah Katularu, Anthony Berteaux, Tyler Gording, Sheli Grumet, Victoria Zakinova, Eric Palonsky, Chantal Eidelstein, Daniel Sirkin, and Michael Kagan. 

The undersigned coalition of concerned SDSU students, representing a broad cross-section of the diversity this campus has to offer, urge you to vote ‘No’ on the referendum on the grounds that it violates the academic integrity of this academic institution and more so, is not an answer to the human rights violations aforementioned. Divestment is one-sided and contributes to a larger hate movement, which calls for the destruction of the only democracy in the Middle East.

Divesting from such companies is far from pro-Palestinian; such boycotts have been proven to harm the Palestinian livelihood as seen in previous boycotts, stripping hundreds of Palestinians from their jobs. Notable figures such as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have openly opposed boycotts of Israel, stating that this distances the region from peace and cooperation. Therefore, we urge both parties to come to a peaceful resolution through strictly diplomatic means with the purpose of building bridges and investing in Palestine.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement hides behind the façade of being a movement that seeks peace and freedom for the Palestinian people. Instead, it promotes an anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic platform that is far from progressive. Divestment resolutions on college campuses have also lead to outright expressions of anti-Semitism and hate, as exemplified with anti-Semitic graffiti at UC Davis, and violence against students at Temple University, and almost denying a student the right to serve on a student government board at UCLA.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is mutually destructive, and negatively affects both Israelis and Palestinians. Those directly affected by this longstanding, complex and tragic conflict should be the ones to resolve it. The best way to promote peace is to invest in dialogue, cooperation, and bridge-building. Vote for the academically honest, socially responsible choice and vote NO on the referendum.

In Coalition With: Young Americans for Liberty, Jewish Student Union and Students Supporting Israel.

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