Divestment denied, falls short of two-thirds majority

by Quinn Owen, Assistant Digital Editor

Fifty-three percent of students voting were in favor to divest from companies involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, short of the two-thirds majority required for the measure to pass. The numbers come from the unofficial student initiative referendum results sent to the Students Supporting Israel organization Thursday night.

In a document signed by AS Election Coordinator, Bree Lutjens, 1,701 (52.97 percent) of students voted in favor of the resolution while 1,510 (47.03 percent) voted against.

In total, 3,211 students participated in this vote. That’s more students than those who voted for AS President in 2014.

The failure of this resolution means Associated Students will not encourage The Campanile Foundation to place restrictions on where SDSU donations can be invested. The foundation currently has broad guidelines that guide investment strategy.

Some companies urged by the resolution to be removed from the foundation’s portfolio include Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and Lockheed Martin.

The votes will be certified by the Associated Students Judicial Affairs Council sometime next week.