People watching as a twenty-something

by Kellie Miller, Staff Writer

One of the best parts about going away to college is moving out of your parents’ house and gaining the ultimate freedom to do absolutely anything you want. Our little college bubble that is our new home is sort of like living in an alternate universe where the craziest and weirdest actions become acceptable. In fact, they become the norm.

Tearing up the streets around college housing is something we look forward to on the weekends, but what’s surprising is how entertaining it can be to stay in on a weekend night. Yes, it may sound super lame, but getting to witness some of the most interesting conversations from a different perspective is priceless. All you have to do is open your window.

On any given late night you can expect to hear your five basic conversations: the “let’s get food” conversation, the “blind leading the blind” conversation, the “bromance” conversation, the “let’s just scream song lyrics at the top of our lungs” and the “where’s Kelly” conversation. Spend a night being Boo Radley and I guarantee you will experience at least three of these. I kid you not, I made sure to listen one night last week and here are the exact quotes I heard people say:

“Did you say McDonald’s,” asked the random girl to her girlfriends. “Oh yeah, I’m getting McDonald’s. Hey, we’ll meet you at McDonald’s. McDonald’s it is!” She was way too excited for something she is definitely going to regret in the morning.

“Are you okay?” asked some guy to the girl he was with. “Seriously, just making sure you’re okay, okay?” From the lack of vocabulary and the slight slurs indicated maybe he needed to be checked on too. But hey, at least he’s trying, right?

“Good luck man,” said the random guy to his buddy. “That’s a beautiful thing. That’s marriage.” This is not your ordinary conversation you hear between guys that are prowling the town. But, if you let the hour get late enough, the bromance mode is on — it’s loud enough for all to hear.

“Where’s Kelly? Have you seen Kelly? She went to the bathroom ten minutes ago. I think she’s dead.”

Okay, so I didn’t actually hear this exact quote outside my window. Yes, it’s actually from Nick Swardson’s comedy standup. But, there is no way you have not heard some rendition of this — if not, actually guilty of it yourself.

Living in a college environment is entertaining. Life outside this bubble will never be the same. Enjoy it now, experience it yourself or just listen in.