Going back to school as told by Harry Potter

by Kelly Hillock, Editor in Chief

When you just have to get back to Hogwarts…or, San Diego State, in our case, it can be such sweet sorrow to part with our beloved summer. Lucky for us, even witches and wizards know the struggle is real when you’re a student.

You see the amount of work ahead of you this semester and you’re trying to hold it together.

Sometimes, you get stuck with a bad registration time (sorry, sophomores) and, thus, you have to crash all your classes.


When the EZ booklist comes out and you see yourself slipping further into debt.


Textbook prices will kill us all.

The classroom only has two types of students. harry_hermione

Actually, college students are disproportionally like Harry, except for that know-it-all who sits in the front row on the first day.

Professors explaining their syllabus…mcgoogles2

When the professor says no laptops will be allowed in class. malfoy_ridiculous

Syllabus week has barely started and yet people can’t stop asking you, “What do you want to do with that?!”


“Well, I want to get a job. And be employed. And get a paycheck. With a job.”

Professors keep assigning group projects and keep expecting us to share the work equally.

From from the control freaks to the no-shows…seriously.

When it finally dawns on you you’re back to dealing with long lines at The Habit, no parking and all-nighters.


Even though leaving summer is hard, it’s not THAT hard when you go to school in paradise.

Who needs Hogwarts when you have SDSU? Instead of magic, we have Chipotle.

Going back to school can be rough, but at least we’re closer to that degree.


Happy first day back, Aztecs!