SDSU police to allow skateboards in campus bike lanes

by Emely Navarro, Senior Staff Writer

San Diego State is in the midst of changing its skateboard policy. Currently, skateboards are not allowed on campus and if a police officer sees a student on a skateboard, he or she has the right to cite the student.

But a new policy would allow skateboards in the campus bike lanes.

The enactment of the policy is in its preliminary stages, SDSU spokesperson Greg Block said.

Basically (this stage) gives the unions an opportunity to voice any concerns (they) might have with the new policy,Block said.

This union is comprised of staff and faculty from each university department. They are currently discussing safety concerns associated with the policy change.  

Block said the policy change will likely pass, but he doesn’t know when.

It just depends on if all the right people can get together during the process for discussions,” Block said.It takes multiple meetings.”

Antonio Gierwielaniec, a sophomore business accounting major, is thrilled the skateboard policy could change.

Its the best news Ive gotten in a while,Gierwielaniec said. I wish they would allow it anywhere else, but Im not complaining. Better than (SDSU) being skate-free.”  

Megan Baker, a sophomore biology major, doesnt understand why skateboards were never allowed on campus in the first place.

A lot of people, especially here, use skateboards, and it was dumb to ever assume that people wouldnt use them,she said. It would be beneficial for the students, and it would save them a lot of money in tickets.

Other students, like Marissa Zuniga, disagree with Gierwielaniec and Baker.

The biggest issue I have with skateboarders is that they go anywhere they want and dont care if they run or push into you,Zuniga said.  

Zuniga said there will be more skateboarders on campus if this policy change gets approved, and she fears they won’t stay in the bike lanes and could hurt people.

Stephanie Procter, a criminal justice graduate student, is indifferent about the policy change. She said, like any other school policy, there will be a handful of students who will do what they want regardless of any changes.