Evangelicals make other Christians look bad

by Laura Ramirez, Contributor

On Aug. 31, two Christian evangelicals stood in front of San Diego State’s east commons holding large signs with bible scriptures posted on them. They yelled out their testimonies on how God saved them from the wrath of this world, and how students could also be saved if they let him into their lives. They shouted phrases like “God is coming soon, repent now!” Students hurried passed the men, glancing towards their signs with irritated looks.

It is discouraging to see students shown only the one-sided approach of evangelism. When so-called Christians evangelize on campus, they are reflecting poorly on Christianity as a whole. If students are going to be reached out to, it would be a lot more effective if it’s done in a genuine, loving way instead of in an irritating, condemning and aggressive manner. Christianity isn’t a problem, but narrow-minded Christians are.

The Christian belief system is supposed to be based on showing love and understanding, not shouting, judging and chastising others. Christians should rethink their methods and consider the effect their actions are having on others. The reality is that Christians are looking less like Jesus and more like a stereotype.

When evangelists approach the public, they should do it in a way that allows room for people to express their own core beliefs. It’s time for Christians to stop trying to convert everyone. That mindset is condescending and ultimately irksome to others. No one is perfect or superior. Rather than trying to hunt people down, if Christians want to influence people, they must first act in a loving and solicitous way.