SDSU crime and incident update: medical aid, possible suicide attempt

by Emely Navarro, Senior Staff Writer

Major campus crime news occurred Monday night when San Diego State Police arrested a man connected to six reports of sexual battery on campus. Read The Daily Aztec’s complete report for more information.  

Student requires medical aid

Officers responded to the Piedra Del Sol apartments where an SDSU student was having a seizure on Tuesday Sept. 15, according to an SDSU police media bulletin.

Officers assisted the patient while the medics responded. The student was then transported to Alvarado Hospital.

Suspicious people disturbing the peace

Multiple reports of two suspicious people acting erratically and yelling near the Calpulli Center occurred at noon on Monday Sept. 14, according to a police media bulletin.

When officers arrived to the scene the people in question had left the area and were unable to be located, SDSU Police Cpl. Mark Peterson said.

Attempted suicide not confirmed

Officers responded to a report of a person making threats to others and publicly contemplating suicide on social media just before 10 p.m. on Monday Sept. 14, Cpl. Peterson said.

When officials arrived to the scene at Tenochca Residence Hall, they could not verify that any threats or suicide attempts were made.