Aztecs Talk: Did students care about Homecoming?

by Ken Priest, Staff Columnist

Homecoming is the annual event that welcomes alumni of San Diego State to return for a weekend. While homecoming culminated with a football game on Saturday night, events were held throughout last week in order to increase hype about watching the Aztecs take the field.

But did students really care about homecoming? Students around campus were asked that very question.

Their responses are below.

Chris Bourne, freshman

Homecoming, in my opinion, is a great opportunity to show off some school spirit and take part in new, exciting events. It allows students a chance to break out of their shells and meet new people. I’m stoked that I go to a school that really takes pride in having a ton of school spirit.

Alina Orendain-Calderon, junior, sustainability

I honestly don’t care much for homecoming. I appreciate the events and effort that the school puts into it, but I personally don’t find it exciting. I rarely get involved with the events that lead up to the game.

Josh Villanueva, sophomore, computer science

I’m not going to homecoming because I treat it like any other football game. Our football team is irrelevant, so a celebration centered around a mediocre football team doesn’t get me fired up.

Vicente Carreras, freshman, mathematics

I really have no idea what homecoming at SDSU is about. All I know is that there’s a football game on Saturday that I’ll probably go to.

Tyler Gomes, junior, finance

I don’t like the homecoming events. To me, the events make me feel like I’m back in high school and I don’t see the point. I don’t care about homecoming.

Brianna Yoon, sophomore, public relations

I don’t care about homecoming because I don’t care about football. I also feel like the events aren’t advertised as much as they were when I was a freshman.

Brandon Book, freshman, kinesiology

I personally don’t enjoy homecoming too much. I’m a freshman and I still feel like I’m trying to get adjusted to college life. I feel like the extra festivities can be distracting.

Kyle Barras, junior, finance

Homecoming is awesome. I think the events and the football game are a really fun experience. I know that different organizations on campus do something special during homecoming week and I enjoy celebrating San Diego State right before finals. I feel like homecoming is the biggest and best events during the fall semester.

Nick Elliot, freshman, international security and conflict resolution

As a first-year student this is my first time experiencing the homecoming festivities that San Diego State has to offer. I’m personally a huge proponent of school spirit and pride in one’s community and I truly appreciate the effort put in by both students and faculty in order to make homecoming 2015 a positive and uplifting week to remember.

Christian Dececca, junior, international business

I really enjoy homecoming week. My fraternity always invites alumni to a tailgate and that’s a blast.