Seniors to be mixing tracks after graduation

by Austin Gayle, Contributor

Seniors Morgan Bundgus and Garrett Beaupre have, like a majority of the San Diego State University student body, developed a passion for EDM, and in turn, have made an effort to form a DJ and music production duo that creates and performs a combination of house and trap music.

Bundgus, a kinesiology major on pace to graduate in May, initially pursued other interests during his freshman and sophomore year at SDSU, but the challenges he experienced in his early years were imperative to his success today.

“After putting all my efforts into walking on to State’s football team and then moving on to try my luck as a personal trainer, I realized that neither of the two outcomes were ideal,” Bundgus said.

“My dedication to the sport (football) wasn’t enough to keep me focused, while my personal trainer ‘dream’ honestly fell out because I simply couldn’t see myself doing it everyday. But my early passions did allow me to learn how to create and work towards a goal, and I feel like that is what is most important,” he said.

Beaupre, on the other hand, has been drawn towards EDM since his first year at SDSU.

“I got into electronic music my freshman year at state when I went to my first electronic show,” Beaupre said. “I instantly fell in love with everything about it; the energy of the crowd and the big, fresh sounds were unlike anything I had ever experienced.”

Beaupre acted on his newly acquired obsession by beginning to DJ and produce his own music just a year after initially coming into contact with EDM. As a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, he would DJ occasionally at the house on the weekends, which as a result, led to fellow SAE member Bundgus forming a relationship with Beaupre. They haven’t looked back since.

“We knew just after working together for a couple weeks that we both were determined to make something special,” Beaupre said. “Our respective strengths and weaknesses create for a balance that is necessary to have success in any field.”

Now with a little over a year under the belt, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the name of their DJ duo, performed their first show Feb. 6, 2016 at Bassmnt here in San Diego.

“It was an instrumental step on our path to success,” Bundgus said. “The countless hours of preparation all became worth it as soon as I walked into the building. Having such a supportive network of friends through SAE had a severe impact on the turnout we had and I can’t thank them enough.”

The two calculated that 324 people on the official guest list came to see their show, and as a result, Bassmnt has since reached out to FOMO in hopes of getting the two of them more involved on a regular basis. Though they have yet to solidify a schedule with Bassmnt, FOMO most recently played their second show at their venue on Feb. 27.

While Beaupre still has five classes to finish up next semester to graduate with a degree in economics at SDSU, Bundgus plans to take his talent to Los Angeles in hopes of completing courses at Icon Collective Music Production School. Icon Collective has developed several successful DJs including: Slander, SNBRN, and NGHTMRE.

“The ultimate goal is to wake up every morning knowing that I’m doing what I want to do,” Bundgus said. “I will never be content working in a cubicle or working the nine-to-five shift in a position where I am not doing what I love, and I believe Icon Collective can take me to where I want to be.”

Whether or not FOMO will continue to have routine appearances with Bassmnt before the two part ways, both Beaupre and Bundgus made it apparent that they wanted to get back together when they deemed fit.

Moving forward, expect FOMO to continue to make their presence known within the SDSU community, as they plan to only improve with each opportunity that comes their way.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of what FOMO has to offer, follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud.