Honors college students connect by painting pumpkins

by Sarah Anderson , Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences field was shrouded in darkness and covered in red.

Although the above sounds like something out of a horror film, the Weber Honor’s College at San Diego State was just decorating pumpkins.

Honors students cloaked the field in shadows as they sat on the damp grass and painted their petite pumpkins with designs of their choosing.

There were so many honors students in attendance that within a half hour of the start of the event those in charge actually ran out of pumpkins.

However, none of the students seemed to mind.

Groups of friends sat on the grass, laughing and painting in the dark. The students ate the candy provided, as it’s October, and mingled. Some shared pumpkins with those who did not receive one. Some sang, many posted on Snapchat and all seemed to enjoy themselves.

“I appreciate these events because they give me a chance to reconnect with all my fellow honors students in a fun environment,” speech language and hearing sciences sophomore Sarah DeTar said. “It’s not about the pumpkins.”

DeTar was on of the students who did not receive a pumpkin. So, instead of decorating, she assisted her fellow honors peer and speech language and hearing sciences sophomore Emily Bautista. DeTar held her phone light over Bautista’s pumpkin once the sun set.

There were tons of different styles of pumpkins that ranged from large to small, and single colored to multicolored.

One student painted their pumpkin as Elphaba from the Broadway musical “Wicked.” Others painted their pumpkins to resemble donuts, elephants and of course, the classic Jack O’ Lantern.

“I’ve made a lot of friends by being in the honors college,” Bautista said. “(The program) makes you look unique to employers.”

The honors college is made up of academically driven and successful students of all grade levels and focuses on creating a diverse and supportive learning environment for its members.

By requiring the students to obtain one event credit and one meeting credit each semester, the college encourages bonding and helps foster the honors college community. Some of these events are academic related, but some, such as the pumpkin decorating, are just for fun.

Current students interested in joining the honors college may still apply. Application information may be found here.