North Park restaurant serves uniqueness


Photo by Thalia Bernal

by Thalia Bernal , Staff Writer

Bacon on mac and cheese?

Count me in.

Today we live for weird, yet delicious combinations of food and it’s always nice to try new foods that don’t exist on every restaurant’s menu.

This break, I decided to take my taste buds to North Park and feel fine at Soda and Swine, located on Adams Avenue.

As soon as you walk in and grab a menu, you’ll stand in line staring at the menu trying to figure out if you should be adventurous and try the Broccolini. Or, maybe you might be feeling the Smashed potatoes. Yes, that’s correct. SMASHED potatoes. Although the menu is brief, with only two columns, you can easily stare at it for 10 minutes trying to make a decision. Everything sounds so different, yet so good.

Who would have ever thought fried pizza knots were a thing?

The ordering process is kind of similar to how a food truck functions. You place your order at the small window and then pay before you get your food.

I finally decided on a swine slider, which is a mini version of a hamburger. It consisted of smoked pork with chipotle barbecue sauce and pepper jack cheese.

And no, I didn’t stop there.

I also ordered Mac and Cheese (with bacon, of course) and smashed potatoes. Sounds like a lot, right? I feel as if I got the most bang for my buck, especially since I ordered some of the top items on the menu.

I instantly fell in love with the interior design at Soda and Swine. There are two long horizontal tables that run across the entire restaurant. You can sit on a short, super comfy, red bar stool chair and hang out in a hip environment. It felt as if I was in a garden, but also at home, at the same time. The restaurant’s atmosphere was perfect while I sat back and enjoyed its interesting and delicious food.